Powerslide R6 Marathon Trinity

R6 Marathon Trinity
maratonské inline bruslepohodlné závodní inline bruslekondiční inline bruslelehké a rychlé inline bruslemaratonské kolečkové brusle
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3. place at Inline Festival 2018  in category Race/Performance.

About all winners you will read in article The best skates of year 2018 - winners of test

Product details, description

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R6 Marathon Trinity

About unique system of attachment of chassis to the shoe you will read in article technology of attachment of frame Trinity

Perfect mix of speed, comfort and quality - these are performance skates R6 Marathon. Roller speed skates Powerslide R6 are intended for speed skating or fitness ride. Shoe is made from composite fibers and moreover covered with PU nano skin ensuring high durability. With soft padding from neopren micro fiber are skates comfortable also for the longest distances. Thanks to the longest frame, from model row  Elite casted, are R6 Marathon really very fast and take kilometers in very willingly!

Shell is anatomically shaped, from special composite material with added fiberglass, light, solid and offers higher level of support than normally used plast. Trinity is new asymetric system of attachment of frame, which allows maximal approach of wheels to the shoe, by which is lowered center of gravity and highered stability. Shoe is attached to frame with three-point attachment, which also more mutes vibrations from ride, better transfers strength of reflection and offers more control during skating. 

Chassis Elite casted Magnesium from racing collection Powerslide are tough, wide front platform ensures ideal transfer of strength from reflection. Chassis are constructed on maximal size of wheels 125mm, with those are also equipped with - they are popular, quality wheels Powerslide Infinity made from the best available polyurethan. Great equipped, comfortable and to the detail overworked skates - we recommend them to real fans of speed performance skating or to demanding fitness skaters.

Shoe - Composite shell - anatomically shaped solid composite construction ensures total control over transfering the strength, stability and performance of skater. 

Torsion Bar System - the most solid shell construction in the market for mounting technology. It supports transfer of strength to the legs for faster and smoother ride. 

Skeleton Concept - shell of shoe is constructed also with shell of shoe, this means extreme strength and also solidness at low weight. 

AIR Ventilation - integrated system of flowing the air improves climate in shoe, and by this protects leg against excessive sweating. 


Skelet: Glass-fiber reinforced plastic, Trinity
Chassis: PS Elite casted Magnesium, Trinity 3x125mm, 12,5"
Wheels: PS Infinity 125mm,85A
Bearings: WCD ABEC 9, 608
Brake: HABS  



Product details
Wheel size125 mm
Wheel hardness85 A
BearingsABEC 7
Chassis material Magnesium
Fastening system2x Přezka
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