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závodní kolečkové brusletříkolečkové speed inline bruslespeedové kolečkové bruslezávodní kolečkové brusle
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Product details, description

This is it - in the TEMPISH offer is new skate model with wheels 3x125mm !!! ATATU - top sports tool for demanding users!!! The new chassis of a new construction new 3BW with wheels in size of 125mm. The fastest speed skate model, which the company TEMPISH ever delivered to the market. The boot is based on the outstanding and proven model TEMPISH SPIDER.Excellent anatomical structure, comfortable, safe and durable padding, seamless lining and excellent construction in the ankle area which suits up to 85% of the population. TEMPISH ATATU - another skate model until size49 !!!

The boot has been revised of several detailsprimarily to reduce weight. The outer shell is made of a new type of PUmaterial with high strength, increased abrasion resistance and decreased ability to absorp water and moisture.Reinforcement of the eyelet part for laces and removing the front instep Velcro fastener reached a sufficient degree oftightening of the skate to the foot according to the requirements of each user and further weight reduction of the skate.Asymmetric upper instep strap with microbuckle tightens the foot to the shell and hides laces endings.

The shell is extremely lightweight made of a 7-layer carbon fiberShell can be individually shaped - it is recommended to perform this process repeatedly in several successive steps at temperatures up to 120°C.

The new chassis marked TEMPISH 3BW (Bigg Wheels) is again the lightest in the category 3 wheels chassis in size of 125mm. The weight of a chassis is only 225 gramsThis chassis has a dimension of 12.6 "and mounting pitch holes are 195 mmIt is made of aluminum alloy 7005 Pitch screws for mounting chassis 195 mm.

Skate is equipped with :

- Wheels TEMPISH RUN 18S 125 mm 88A (88A hardness is designed for flat surfaces without irregularities with a fine structure.)

- Bearings TEMPISH Hi-SPEED TRT 11 with rubber washers, oil lubrication.

ATATU model is designed for experienced speed skaters and can withstand the toughest conditions of professional sportsItsproperties utmost appreciate racing and professional skatersATATU - again a new level in the speed skating - with this model you will be significantly faster again !!!

Level of sport optimal loading 5+.

Size: 38 - 49

Lenght of inner liner:

38 - 22,8cm

39 - 23,8cm

40 - 24,3cm

41 - 25,0cm

42 - 25,8cm

43 - 27,0cm

44 - 27,8cm

45 - 28,3cm

46 - 29,5cm

47 - 31,0cm

48 - 31,7cm

49 - 32,7cm

Product details
Wheel size125 mm
|6|Počet v kartonu
Wheel hardness90 A
BearingsHi-Speed TRT11
Removable inner shoeNo
Chassis attachment Šroubovaný
Fastening systemLace + micro buckle
Model group2016
Chassis material Aluminium
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