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Small plastic skateboards (pennyboards) are very popular because of their compact dimensions.  We decided to write you some advices, how to choose the skateboard and what to pay attention when you are choosing it. Advices are more for people not experienced in skateboards yet, and for those who want to find something more about skateboards and they don´t want to fall in non quality type. 

Penny board is always common name for small plastic board with short board 22 inches (cca 56 cm) and wider wheels. Name Penny tells about the manufacturer  from Australia (founded in 2010), thanks to him plastic skateboards almost after 40 years again came to the public and got large popularity. 

Today this name is a synonym for all small plastic skateboards with standard dimensions from many manufacturers. Company Penny again is manufacturing their own original skateboards under their brand Penny Australia, but they are relatively too expensive. In the market there are many other manufacturers enjoying the production of similar plastic skateboards, from our offer for example Tempish or Juicy Suisi. 


The most important parameters of plastic skateboards are:

Board - board of plastic skateboard is mostly made from hardened plastic, mostly is used Hi-impact PP, so it is hardened polypropylen.  It influences hardness and capacity of the skateboard. Standardly is made in length about 22 inches (cca 56 cm - for example  Tempish Buffy or JuicySusi Elite).


There is also extended version with the length about 27 inches (for example Tempish Buffy 28 or Tempish Buffy 28 Unique).

Shorter skateboards are lighter, better for storage and more sensitive to manipulation. On the other hand, other skateboards are more stabile in higher speed or more suitable for taller people. 



Trucks (chassis) - other important factor are trucky (chassis) from cast alloy of aluminium. There are made the most in dimensions 3-3,5 inches. They influence turns of the skateboard. 


Wheels - the most often in dimensions  59 or 60 mm x 45 mm. Quality wheels are always from polyurethan, the most often from softer for better adhesion and good muting of uneven surfaces. 

Bearings - they influence rolling of the wheels. At basic o.k. models they are always from chrome steel, quality depends from the price. Advice and tips how to choose the bearings.

Silentblocks (bushingy) -  are polyurethan inserts ensure smooth turns.  


To what you need to pay attention when choosing plastic skateboard (penny board)!


1) Material of wheels

Here manufacturers like to save the money. From one simple reason, the wheels look totally the same on the picture or in the shop just from the view, but there is always the difference in used material. The cheapest skateboards have wheels from PVC, you don´t want to buy them, wheels tend to slide, do not mute the uneven surfaces, rattle and the ride on them is dangerous.  Quality wheels are always from material PU (polyurethan). For the beginners and middle experienced skaters or light weight skaters, there are recomended and most often are used wheels which are softer, under 80 A (marking of hardness of the wheels on level measured by durometer).  Softer wheels have better adhesion and very good mute the uneven surfaces. Even in between PU wheels there can be differencies in quality, which are mostly important for more experienced riders. 

The main goal is always choose wheels from PU, not from PVC. Also is important to choose suitable hardness of the wheels. 


2) Processing and material of wheels

Here is important to say, that from the name ABEC you will not find out nothing about the quality of the bearings. You need to know, that bearings ABEC 5 on quality expensive skateboard will be much more better than bearings ABEC 7 on suspicious cheap skateboard.  The main thing is always the material, bearings have to be made from chrome steel, you don´t want to buy skateboards with bearings from carbon steel (no matter the norm ABEC). Carbon steel is softer, bearings are less resistant and of course cheaper to be made. Again, the customer will not see this just from the view, even here the manufacturers like to save the money. 

The most important rule for not experienced is to avoid bearings from material carbon steel, more about the quality, posibilities of lubrication or processing the shop assistent should help you with, many times though you can see the quality from the price. Choosing the bearings is the chapter on its own for the whole article.


3) Silentblocks (Bushingy)

Are spacers in the chassis which influence turns. Again, "the same song", for somebody who doesn´t know cheap non quality from PVC and more quality from Polyurethan, which you can´t see by eye the difference. But when you ride, there is a difference very clear. Too solid or even plastic (PVC) silentblocks turn wrong or don´t turn at all. There is very important choice of polyurethan silentblock when rider has lighter weight. More experienced riders can worry about more specific hardness or shape.     

For somebody who doesn´t know is important to choose bushing from material PU (polyurethan) and posibility of setting the hardness of making turns to the exact weight of the rider.  



From the position of specialized sport shop we will gladly help you with your choice. There is a rule, that by similar skateboards there is not good to save the money, cheap skateboards make wrong turns, wheels tend to slide and rattle and the ride on the skateboard is then more boring than fun. 

Often reason why beginners will stop ride on skateboard is the choice of non quality skateboard at the beginning, which will more discourage them. From our experience we know, that the investment in good skateboard starts above cca 1000 Kč. Also prices of quality skateboards can go very high to thousands Kč, and it is up to everybody what they can afford. Chaep skateboard which is about hundreds Kč you can have more as a toy, but not as a sport equipment. 

In our shop and on our e-shop are long time the most selling plastic skateboards by brand Tempish, mostly class Buffy, Buffy Star, Silic and Sweet. Every year we sell them in hundreds of pieces. Mostly for beginners, children and juniors they are very good choice looking at a price, years experienced choice of quality. 

We will gladly help you with the choosing of suitable skateboard any time. You can write us to info@inline-centrum.cz or stop and get our advice in our shops


Have a smooth ride.








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