Spare screws for in-line skates is usually for securing wheels to the chassis. Lenght, diameter and also shape of the screw head (or shape of the edge of the middle of the screw) needs to be known for correct choice. Many models have special screw and you need to buy screw from certain producer for your model. If you have ordinary screw with rounded head without differences in shape, you just need to measure the basic sizes.

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Náhradní šrouby Cuff Screw
Powerslide Náhradní šrouby Cuff Screw
2.47 EUR
In Stock - External
Šroub Nordic ke špalku Calf I + II
Powerslide Šroub Nordic ke špalku Calf I + II
5.03 EUR
In Stock - External
Šrouby do bruslí USD
Powerslide Šrouby do bruslí USD
1.05 EUR
In stock
Šroub M7/47mm 8mm 1ks
Powerslide Šroub M7/47mm 8mm 1ks
2.47 EUR
In Stock - External
Šrouby D1
Powerslide Šrouby D1
1.05 EUR
In stock
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