Tempish VERSO II triple

VERSO II triple
rostoucí brusle na lednastavitelné brusle 3 v 1dětské rostoucí brusle 3 v 1dětské nastavitelné brusle s výměnnými podvozky
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Product details, description

Verso triple are children´s expanding skates, they have simple and comfortable system of expanding size with button on side part of skelet. You can adjust skate up to 4 sizes. Big advantage of skates are three various chcassis. One quad chassis - wheels are placed in two rows, other possibility of exchange of chassis on inline and ice. Boy´s set is in blue-black colour and is equipped with hockey skate. Girl´s set is in colour combination white-pink and is equipped with girl´s figure skate with teeth. This set is suitable mostly for beginners, but also for advanced skaters, who want to try all types of skating and skates use for the whole year in various conditions. The smallest size begins already from size of foot 26 and it is then really intended for absolute beginers!

Wheels: In-line:(26-29) 60mm, (30-33) and (34-37) 70mm, QUAD: 54x32mm

Hardness of wheels: In-line 82A, QUAD 90A

Degree of sport´s load: 2

Sizes: 26-29, 30-33, 34-37

Length of inner insole:

size: 26-29    17,5-18,6cm  

size: 30-33    19,5-21,5cm

size: 34-37    21,5-24,0cm


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K Tempish VERSO II triple
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