Powerslide Phuzion Universe Blue

Phuzion Universe Blue
dětské inline brusledětské kolečkové brusledětské kolečkové brusle nastavitelná velikostdětské inline brusle nastavitelná velikostdívčí nastavitelné inline bruslekvalitní kolečkové brusle pro dětipohodlné kolečkové brusle pro dětidětské kolečkové bruslenastavitelné inline brusle pro dětipohodlné dětské inline bruslerostoucí dětské inline brusle
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Roller skates  Powerslide Universe Blue are indicated for our children. Great design for boys and girls and high quality typical for row Phuzion. Children´s inline skates Phuzion Universe are adjustable in range of  4 sizes and are equipped with very easy system of setting - after releasing the lever or by pressing button you will move the toe of shoe. 

Chassis AL 3D Stamped is light, equipped with wheels  Powerslide with size 80mm, 84mm and 90mm (in connection with size of skatesú, hardness 82A and bearings WCD ABEC 7. Shoe is anatomically padded for children´s leg, comfortable, from outer side made by plastic skelet and synthetic skin. Angles of tightening elements and joint are perfectly set to help to have higher comfort by saving solid and sure tightening of leg. This offered support prevents from losses of energy when you skate.

You can easily put skates on thanks to technology Easy Slip In, which comes from many years of experience of company  Powerslide. When you put them on, there is great large handle on back part of skate. Basic tightening of skates is ensured with popular classic lacing with solid eyes, then you tighten leg with long velcro and finish with solid buckle with fuse preventing from opening.  

Sizes and used wheels:

29-32: 18,5-20,3 cm - 80mm
33-36: 20,9-22,7 cm - 80mm
37-40: 23,3-25,2 cm - 84mm 


chassis: PS CNC & Extruded, Aluminium
wheels: Powerslide Hurricane 76mm/80mm/84mm, hardness 83A
bearings: WCD ABEC 7
brake: Habs 

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Product details
Wheel size80mm/84mm/90mm
Wheel hardness85 A
BearingsABEC 7
Chassis material Aluminium
Chassis attachment Šroubovaný
Fastening systemLace + micro buckle
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