Tempish ULTIMATE SH 30 Junior

dětské hokejové brusle
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Hockey ice skate ULTIMATE SH 30. Specially designed for players of low up to middle competitions, amateur and recreatinal sport. Construction of skate is good in bearing the regular load and is adapted for requirement of ative players. Navrženo v České Republice   Jsme autorizovaná prodejna značky 


New anatomical shaped plastic tip of shoe from material Dupont protects safely foot and fills optimaly inner space of shoe including transition to inner lining of shoe. Special resistant PVC (light-flexi 3D) resistant against absorbation of water, saving its toughness up to temperature -25°C, perfectly copies skelet of shoe from technical fine-micro nylon, reinforced PVC straps.  High-strength laces are resistant against abrasion and allow tightening of skelet of shoe to the foot after individual requirements of each player. Solidness of the whole skelet highers thin sole from extra hardened and tough nylon. 


Anatomical shape of sendwich shell with use of technology LAYERS MEMORY OPTIMAL FIT in part of ankles and Achille´s tendon with use of bandage with memory EASY FIT and CLEERON MEMORY in two layers will adapt to shape of foot and ensures comfortable feeling at the game with high level of maneuverability of skates. Middle reinforced and anatomical shaped tongue protects sufficiently the foot of player and doesn´t restrict in movement.


Hockey complete is equipped with blade TEMPISH 7000 from stainless steel. Briton of skate has standard cradle with middle long middle straight part. It is universal shape of knife, which use most of hockey players. 


Recommended use Amateur competitions, recreational sport
Outer material Special resistant PVC (light-flexi 3D) resistant against absorbation of water, saving its toughness up to temperature -25°C, perfectly copies skelet of shoe, technical fine-micro nylon, reinforced PVC straps
Inner material CAMBRA brushed nylon
Construction of tongue Anatomical double-part tongue 3D construction, material - special resistant PVC (light-flexi 3D) + filc 8 mm
Construction Anatomical shape of shell of shoe in part of ankles and Achille´s tendon, sendwich construction with use of technology LAYERS MEMORY OPTIMAL FIT ensures solid and comfortable fixation of leg in shoe, sendwich skelet allows adaptation to shape of foot, new construction of plastic reinforcement of tip from material  STATIC PU, inner seamless connection to lining
Lining Anatomical bandage with memory EASY FIT CLEERON MEMORY in two layers
Knife TEMPISH AIR weightlighted anti-corroise steel
System of tying Laces have special surface anti-slip adjustment

Size: 33 - 37

Length of inner insole:

size: 35 - 22,0 cm

size: 36 - 22,5 cm

size: 37 - 23,0 cm

Product details
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