Tempish TRITON Blackstorm

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TRITON Blackstorm
kolečkové brusle na inline hokej
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TRITON BLACK STORM is the highest model of skate intended for inline hockey in collection of skates TEMPISH. Skate is intended for intermediate up to experienced players of inline hockey. This model is mostly intended for inline hockey, which is played on concrete, or asphalt. Original model of skate TRITON DSX was overworked in few details, so it would be more solid, durable and could bear higher load and demands which bring inline hockey at the game on asphalt and concrete. 


Very light and solid shell of shoe has great anatomical shaping and optimal bandage in places, where it is needed. Extremely bulging shell in part of ankles together with material of inner bandage with memory will ensure great maneuverability of skate and comfortable feelling at the game. Inner inputed lining has anatomical shaping. Shoe is equipped with exchangable instep protector on outer and inner side. Part of package is spare set of these protectors. Outer material of shoe is tough PU with inner structure "CARBON" for higher durability against mechanical damage. 



Anatomical shaped tongue is middle reinforced with plastic reinforcement. As inner material is used CAMBRA 50Z brushed nylon, anatomical bandage with shaped memory on base latexu DB320



New chassis TEMPISH MESH Ultra from special AL alloy with strength 2,8mm has overworked construction in places attaching the chassis to shoe, so it could bear higher load. In chassis are used one-sided axises on wheels with solid fixation to chassis and with the lock against turning. Axises are half-abandoned to the chassis. Chassis is attached to shoe with metal rivets and under the heel with one pair of copper rivets. Skates are equipped with wheels TEMPISH RADICAL 2 with hardness 82A. Wheels from serie RADICAL are very tough, have high durability against wear and tear, little rolling resistance and are very stabile. 


Recommended use Professional inline hockey, high load, advanced and experienced players
Category Inline hockey
Skelet Resistant PVC, nylon TENDER, reinforcement in loaded parts, side protectors of instep, monolit shell, lightweight construction, inner shape ED
Inner material  CAMBRA 50Z brushed nylon, bandage is anatomical on base of latex DB320
Construction of tongue Anatomical three-part tongue, filc 8 mm
Construction Anatomical shape of shell of shoe in part of ankles
Chassis in-line Special AL alloy, strength 2,8mm, surface adjustment - ALOX + print, construction-monocock, imbeded axises
Type of wheel RADICAL PU Casting (PUC), Super Hi-Rebound (SHR), high quality wheels
Diameter of wheel 70 mm/72 mm/76 mm/80 mm/84 mm
Hardness of wheel 82A
Bearings ABEC 9 chrome steel
Brake NO
System of tying Laces have special surface anti-slide adjustment 

Size of wheels:

size 37-38 wheels: 70/72mm

size 39-41 wheels: 72/76mm

size 42-44 wheels: 76/80mm

size 45-47 wheels: 80/84mm

Size: 37-47

Length of inner insole: 

size: 37 - 23,0 cm

size: 38 - 23,5 cm

size: 39 - 24,6 cm

size: 40 - 25,4 cm

size: 41 - 26,2 cm

size: 42 - 26,9 cm

size: 43 - 27,5 cm

size: 44 - 28,1 cm

size: 45 - 28,5 cm

size: 46 - 29,0 cm

size: 47 - 29,8 cm


Product details
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