K2 Trio 100 W

Trio 100 W
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Totally new comception of shoe will fit on the first try, as it would be made just for your leg. We already tried really many skates, but we don´t remember so comfortable shoe as this one. Together with maneuverable frame, which is on 110mm wheels really fast, are K2 Trio one of the hot novelties for the season of 2019. We fell in love at the first try. They can be equipped with wheels with diameter 110mm. 

Product details, description

Very fast inline skates K2 intended for ride in city, sport ride and long tracks. New women´s model K2 Trio 100 W belongs to the best, what brand K2 offers. Totally new, comfortable shoe is made from breathable memory material, which is shaped accordiing to the shape of your leg. Skate is mounted on unique aluminium frame K2 Trio with wheels with diameter 100 mm and hardness 90A. This setup ensures adrenaline speed at perfect maneuverability. Patent technology K2 SoftBoot brings lighter and more breathable construction of inner shoe. Combination of durable and also soft materials together with tested anatomy are extra comfortable. 

Authorized shop K2

We are authorized shop of brand K2 Skates and specialized shop focused on inline skates and accessories. Next to professional advice we also offer service and wide spectrum of spare parts.  


Construction of shell K2 Urban offers perfect support and 100% safety at the ride in the city and when you make tricks. It is used on all street K2 skates.


Frame K2 Trio Rockered is made from solid aluminiumwhich highers its rigidity, this has main influence on speed of ride. Frame is screwed with possibility to set the position of wheels. Thanks to UFS solution is skate compatible with many other frames including aggressive. It can be equipped with wheels in size 110mm.



Wheels K2 with diameter 100 mm are intended for lovers of faster ride, moreover they greatly mute uneven surfaces. Higher hardness of wheels 90A ensure above-standard speed and long longevity. 


Bearings K2 ILQ 7 have very good ratio of speed and durability. Silent move ensure vaseline lubrication. Bearings have classic anti-dust cover ensured with C fuse with possibility of demontation. 



Tying is ensured with classic lace, massive powerstrap over the instep and two powerstraps in upper part of skate. Because the upper buckle is on velcro and urban cuff has rigid flex, it is achieved very firm holding of leg at maximal riding comfort. 

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Basic parameters

  • Frame: Trio 100 UFS
  • Size of wheels: 100 mm
  • Hardness of wheels: 90A
  • Bearings: ILQ 7
  • Tying: lace, 3x Powerstrap


Product details
Wheel size100 mm
Wheel hardness90 A
BearingsILQ 7
Chassis material Trio
Chassis attachment UFS (šroubovaný)
Fastening systemLace + Powerstrap
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K K2 Trio 100 W
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