Technology of inline skates Fila

Not every producer can be proud of long tradition as this brand. Sport wear and equipment they make over hundred years. Brothers Fila started in foothills of Alps as producers of fabrics, and this tradition is known also at some technology improvements, by which this producer improves its skate models. 


Do your legs sweat during the ride? No wonder, leg is usually in shoe pretty unbearable and during the skating is warming up. What we can say - we all know, how legs end up in July heat after longer ride. Fila Air Flow thanks to special fabric ventilates the skate. Ventilation happens through double net ok - from outer side is light and breathable, on inner side of shoe is this net reinforced. Flow of the air will cool down your foot, and also will keep it in dry.


Concept Air Flow was on the highest level designed at models Ghibli and Primo Air Flow. Ventilation openings are on instep side and also on the heel, flow of the air inside of shoe is then very effective. Very comfortable skates for the summer, we very much recommend them! 



FILA Ghibli 100

Brusle Fila Ghibli 100



FILA Ghibli 90 Lady

Brusle Fila Ghibli 90 Lady

Technology Softwear™

If you want skates even more comfortable, then it is ideal connection of technology Fila Air Flow and SoftWear™. Do you have sometimes bumped legs, mostly on insteps? Then this technology SoftWear™ solves this. Shoe of skate is made from one piece, so then there is no overlap between movable upper part and solid lower part. Shoe is very soft, light and even more effectively transfers the energy. And this will be interesting maybe more for the women, it is very elegant - it is comparing to other shoes more slim. 

All our offered models we tried and they are very comfortable for skating. You don´t believe it? Then you try them too!


FILA Argon 84 39

Fila Argon 84


FILA Argon 84 Lady 37

Fila Argon Lady 84


100mm Wheels

On their invention, the producer FILA is so proud, that they let it patented. On their 100mm wheels you can thanks to special frame and attachement ride in the same height above the ground as on previous 84mm wheels. With transfer to higher wheels the center of gravity will not be higher and your ankles are not strained more.  You will achieve speed and will not loose nothing from stability! Okay! 

Fila 100 mm 



Dual Density Footbed is exclusivelly shaped insole made from fine foam mass, reinforced by help of technology EVA and padded with velvet. Heel will comfortably fit in there and is nicely reinforced, which will improve your performance on skates. It is not useless fiction - DDF has also safety working shoes and to some industry working places they will not let you there without it. On skates makes higher maneuverability and stability. Its other advantage is also higher longevity of shoes. 

 Fila Dual Density


Practical lacing in combination with technology Power Strap will easily and firmly tight the shoe. Ideal for children, but is also functional and comfortable for adult skaters. 


Transition to skates with three wheels. On Fila skates you can also experience three-wheel skates, which have before previously unprecendeted ratio of speed and maneuverability. About three-wheel skates you will find out more in article Revolution in skating has occured! Three-wheel skates are here.

Fila Nrk Verso

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