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3 set of protectors TEMPISH TAKY for skaters ensure safe protection of basic parts of human body, where often comes to injury (except of head - helmet).  Set contains protectors of wrists, knees and elbows. Protector for wrist has plastic reinforcement, which protects wrist from inner side against injury. Inner side of all protectors is sewed from fine textile, which greatly absorbs humidity (sweat) and smootly slides on skin. Protector for wrist is firmly attached by help of thinner strap on palm and wider strap on wrist with patch and logo TEMPISH.  Plastic shell of protectors for knees and elbows is very tough and has perfect anatomical shape, which ensures stabile position of protectors, comfortable function at skating and moving and high level of protection at falls. To textile part of protector is firmly attached 3-mi pairs of rivets. Textile part of protector is made from three parts: first part is attached by help of elastic strap to limb above the joint and moves together with it second part of protector placed right on joint and protects it in case of impact third part of protector is attached with elastic strap to limb under the joint and moves together with parts of limb under the joint. With this construction is ensured large freedom of movement and protector minimally restrict the movement. User after short while stops to know about protector, because it is naturally adapted, as skater is moving.  Protectors are equipped with stocking, which holds protector in the right position if by any chance would come at fall to loosing it and also mutes the pressure of strap on skin. Protectors are in incouspicuous black colour, only with small colourful elements. 

Colour: black, pink

Size: S, M, L, XL

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