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Sidas  SIDAS - 3D comfort

 SIDAS - 3D comfort
ortopedické vložky
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Producer / Brand:Sidas
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Product details, description

For feet normal arch.

3D insole for customers searching for universal support.


For more comfort, pleasure and sensations when practising your sport, use 3D ready-to-wear insoles. The 3D insoles are pre-shaped and adapt to the shape of your foot to provide the ultimate in comfort. The 3D insoles absorb shocks, and prevent rubbing, blisters and fatigue.


Conform'able offers a range of insoles that are ready to wear straight away, offering everyone more comfort : the Universal range.

They fit to your foot-arch type (high, medium or low). Ideal for all activities (winter sportsrunningtrekkingbikinggolfing and for your daily activities).


Adjusting the size:

Sizing of shoes and its width differs from every producer. It is necessary then to take out original insole and put it to the new SIDAS insole (in a way that heels of both insoles fit). If the SIDAS insole is shorter it is necessary to chose smallet size. If the SIDAS insole is longer, it is appropriate to cut it in a shape of original insole (don´t cut it in arch nor heel part unless it is WINTER H FLAT INSOLE). Then try wheter SIDAS insole fit the shoe perfectly. Insoles should not be short (otherwise they tend to move). Neither should they by somehow bended in the shoe (that means insoles are too long). We advise then to be careful when cutting. Cut rather smaller pieces and after each cut try the insole in the shoe. The reward is extreme comfort.

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