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Service of roller skates

Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser 125mm

In shops of Inline Centrum, in Shopping Mall DBK in Prague 4 and in Usedlost Ladronka in Prague 6, we provide service of inline and quad (trek) skates, scooters, skateboards, longboards and pennyboards.

On your skates we check their status and recommend necessary or suitable repairs and change of parts (wheels, bearings, spacers, brakes etc.). Most of repairs we can do right in our shop. Spare wheels, bearings and brakes of most models we hold in stock.

Thanks to experiences from skating we can recommend suitable wheels, which will fit the best. There are different for comfortable ride, different for speed sport and different for freestyle or hockey. We specialize mainly on brands K2, Tempish, Rollerblade and Powerslide, at which we hold most of spare parts normally in stock.

The most often provided service:

  • Wheels swaps on inline skates - for saving of suitable shape and extended longevity of wheels.
  • Exchange of bearings in inline skates.
  • Exchange of spacers.
  • Exchange of brake logs or whole brakes.
  • Delivery of brakes on speed and freestyle skates.
  • Choice of suitable insoles according to your feet for higher comfort and maneuverability of skates.

Pricelist and list of service works you will find  here

Servis a tunning bruslí je pro nás vášní

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