Tempish RSC-X

freestyle kolečkové bruslecarbonové brusle na freestyle
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Product details, description

The new generation of freestyle skates TEMPISH RSC-X is ready for the most challengingfreestyle tricks. Carbon cuff made of nylon is reinforced with fiberglass, precisely producedchassis with a new revolutionary construction of attaching the 1st and 4th wheels with possibility to set cradle, anatomical shape, instep microbuckle, lining with shape memory - these features will enable better, faster and reliable control of your skates and the movementin them!

This revolutionary model of a TEMPISH collection opens up a whole new category of freestyleskating - is designed for real professionals and sports freeriders. Very good anatomically formed carbon shell keeps the foot in the optimal position while allowing sufficient freedom of movement while trick riding or slalom. On the outer shell are used several new materials of PU microfiber. This new material is highly abrasion resistant, lightweight, yet firm and with minimal ability to absorb water. These properties are maintained for a long time even indifferent conditions.

The outer instep protector is easily replaceable. Nylon cuff moves optimally according to the needs of the skater and has a shape enabling to perform even the toughest tricks. The skateis fitted with a strengthened laces with self-locking effect for preventing unintentionalloosening. First instep strap is of cross-shaped construction, thereby was achieved weight reduction and very hard tightening of the foot to shell in the same time. The second instepstrap is equipped with microbuckle for a very comfortable and sensitive tighteningadjustment in the shell. Strap fits perfectly into the guide groove and do not press directly onthe foot. Upper buckle is made of AL alloy and has a cover so that would not get in the way when doing tricks.

The entire structure of the skate is designed to achieve the narrowest possible shape, and make it easier to perform the necessary movements of both skates close together. The lining material is equipped with a shape memory. After a short timethe inner shape of the skate adapts to the individual user's foot shape! Liner - fine mesh is antislip in the inner part. The endings of liner are made of SLIDE fine mesh material. Integrated insole in the liner allows a longer stay on skates. Significant lowering of the liner in the Achilles tendon area ensures an easier skating on the front wheel.

Skate is equipped with a chassis of a new construction DOUBLE EXTRA L + S. The screw on the 1st and 4th wheel is eccentric and allows the attachment of wheels on one level with theother wheels or mounting rockering when the 1st and 4th wheels are above the ground. A robust chassis construction and the used materials can withstand the biggest loads.

Wheels: TEMPISH FREE-S, with hardness 85A with dimensions 4 x 76 mm for sizes 37-40 and4x80mm for sizes 41-46 have high durability and have optimized slide for freestyle skating.

Bearings ABEC 9 chrome top-speed, high-precision are oil lubricated and fitted with rubberwashers, which can be easily removed.

Level of sport optimal loading: 5

Size: 37-46

Lenght of inner liner:  

37 - 24,0 cm

38 - 24,6 cm

39 - 25,3 cm

40 - 25,0 cm

41 - 26,5 cm

42 - 27,2 cm

43 - 27,8 cm

44 - 28,6 cm

45 - 29,0 cm

46 - 29,6 cm

Product details
Wheel size80 mm
|6|Počet v kartonu
Wheel hardness85 A
BearingsABEC 9
Chassis material Aluminium
Chassis attachment Šroubovaný
Fastening systemLace + micro buckle
Removable inner shoeNo
Model group2016
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