Report - Testing Fila 2016 skates

Last Saturday in May (May 28, 2016) took place testing in-line Fila skates in Landronka. You could choose from more than 40 new models pair of skates from collection of 2016. The stand Inline Centrum was like always built in center of circle Ladronka right in front of our skate rental and from the first minute it was full of creepers.

Saturday's testing was the third in the row of this year's testing events for general public and this time finally the wheather was good, what we could see on amount of rented skates and number of candidates. In the stand were available really interesting models from current collection and almost everyone could choose. Very desirable were models from series of Air Flow 2016, which were at the first view were interesting with perfect ventilation, thanks to 84 mm size wheels more experienced skaters and beginners too could try this model, who are thinking about buying. Children were excited to try children extensible skates from the series of  X-one, some of them really tried riding properties of the new model, other stood on skates for the first time.

Adults and more experienced skaters were very interested in three roller skates model Fila Ghibli on 3x 110 mm size wheels. Three roller skates model because of the growing poppularity of three roller skates in sport and race skating world was very desirable primarily by more experienced skaters used to larger wheels or slow speed of skates, but also beginners were interested.  Also models Lithium LX on 90 mm wheels were available for the skaters, were also big challenge for those who are just thinking of buying faster fitness skates. Most of skaters were excited about faster 90 mm wheels and for sure they have something to thing about. Little group of freeskate skaters, who came in fairly big number could test model FILA NRK for free. We also tested Models of brand Fila by ourself with the taste, because personal experience is the best we can offer to our customers.

About 5.00 p.m. testing was finished because of strong cloudburst, but even then we could  rent skates to more than 60 candidates and vast majority of skaters were very satisfied with skates. 


We very much thank you to resperentation  Fila for Czech Republic and renting the skates, all candidates and patient skaters, who waited for renting even when we were very busy and again we are looking forward to the next, this year already 4th testing of skates for public. This time you can enjoy  testing Tempish skates and attention, racing and freestyle models will be available too, so fans of skating can look forward to interesting testing again. Testing is this time moving to the cyclo path to Modřany in front of our second rental, which is located on the boat in Freestyle Park Modřany.

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