Introduction the collection of skates Rollerblade 2018/2019

After the introduction of collection of inline skates K2, we shall look at the new collection of skates from rival Rollerblade. New collection of roller skates Rollerblade has changes primarily in categories semi-race/endurance and freeskate, where is clearly visible transfer to 3 wheel system. It comes in fact to all models with wheels 100 mm+ and ends then variant of skates Rollerblade with wheels 4 x 110 mm, which is replaced with wheels 3x 125 mm.

Collection is divided, according of use of skates, to these categories:

  • Rollerblade Marathon - category of skates with large wheels intended for sport skating is divided into subcategories Powerblade (racing skates with low ankle and Endurace (semi/race skates with higher ankle intended for long distances)
  • Rollerblade X-Fit - classis skates for cyclo paths. Skates intended for recreational and conditioning skating. Divided to more solid shell skates from row Maxxum intended for predator power skating, softer textile skates from row  Macroblade intended for comfortable dynamic skating and strictly recreational row Zetrablade.
  • Rollerblade Urban - skates intended for freestyle, slalom and ride in the city. Divided to plastic Twister and composite Metroblade.
  • Rollerblade Street - skates intended for tricks and to skatepark
  • Rollerblade Kids - skates for children and juniors
  • Rollerblade SMU - cheaper row of recreational skates Rollerblade, with lower quality comparing to catalogue models, intended mostly for sport chains

In this article we will focus on skates fitness, category X-Fit and SMU.

Collection X-Fit (recreational and fitness skates)

Rollerblade calls its collection of skates, which is intended for recreational and fitness skating on cyclo path X-Fit.

Typical soft textile shoe with chassis intended for wheels 80, 84 and 90 mm. They are the most selling mass classic. Wheels are extended with faster model with wheels 3x 110 mm, which is replacing previous standard chassis 4x 100 mm. Also at category X-Fit there is evident transfer to three-wheel wave, which started Powerslide.

Most of models come from last collection, including models with special brake ABT, which should make easier braking for less experienced skaters. Let´s introduce skates in order from the most basic model. 

Beginners (wheels 80 mm)

Inline skates Rollerblade Zetrablade and Rollerblade Zetrablade W

The cheapest and the slowest model from offer constructed on composite frame (plastic frame) is the same as on construction made the smallest usually used wheels with diameter 80 mm and lower hardness 82A. Skate is then slower, which underlines also the most basic bearings Rollerblade SG5. Skates intended for recreational skating withouth requirements for faster speed and for total beginners. Thanks to plastic frame skates are not suitable for power style of skating and higher weight categories. On the other hand for more saving beginner or really recreational skater, who wants to slide sometimes and doesn´t need to ride too fast, they should be sufficient. We don´t recommend skates for heavier skaters. 

In-line brusle Rollerblade ZetrabladeIn-line brusle Rollerblade Zetrblade W

Wheels: Rollerblade 80mm/82A

Bearings: SG5

Frame: Composite monokok (max 4x80mm)

Intended for: Beginners, recreational skating

Inline skates Rollerblade Macroblade 80 and Rollerblade Macroblade 80 W

Stronger brother and sister comparing to model Zetrablade. There stay basic smaller and also slower wheels 80 mm with hardness 82A - the smallest wheels used for fitness skating in the market. The advantage is metal frame, which is suitable also for heavier skaters and power skating. Shoe is comparing to model Zetrablade more breathable, there is used more  "mesh" material. Frame can also have larger and also faster wheels with diameter 84mm. Skates are suitable for beginners and recreational skaters. Thanks to possibility to put on larger wheels, after wear and tear of older ones, put on wheels more solid and about 4mm larger. If you also put on better bearings, skates will be faster, investition into quality wheels and bearings will not be low - more quality ones normally cost 1500-2500 Czech crowns. Who wants to ride faster, will choose skates with larger wheels right away. There are basic bearings SG5. Good choice for not sure beginners, who have respect from larger wheels, but consider them in the future, or don´t have money for higher model with larger wheels and better bearings. 

In-line brusle Rollerblade Macroblade 80In-line brusle Rollerblade Macroblade 80 W

Wheels: Rollerblade 80mm/82A

Bearings: SG5

Frame: Alu Twinblade (4x84mm), size of frame (10,4" 220mm-285mm), (11,0" 290mm-315mm Mondo size)

Intended for: Beginner, recreational skating, fitness skating

Inline skates Rollerblade Macroblade 80 ABT and Rollerblade Macroblade 80 ABT W

The same skates as previous model, with one difference, and that is brake Rollerblade ABT.

 Kolečkové brusle Rollerblade Macroblade 80 ABTKolečkové brusle Rollerblade Macroblade 84 ABT W

Wheels: Rollerblade 80mm/82A

Bearings: SG5

Frame: Alu Twinblade (4x84mm), size of frame (10,4" 220mm-285mm), (11,0" 290mm-315mm)

Intended for: Beginner, recreational skating, fitness skating


Brake Rollerblade ABT - This is specific brake from company Rollerblade. Brake block is connected with upper part of construction of skate (cuff). Brake has two advantages. You can adjust the height of brake, as you wish and also after partial wear and tear of brake block. Adjustment is on principe of ejection and insertion of metal bar. 

Second advantage is, that thanks to this mechanism is pressure on brake block higher, by which is more effective braking. You also don´t need to lift your toe up, you can only move leg and with calf to press brake to the top (look at the picture). Braking can be then more comfortable. Disadvantage can be higher weight of skate, but weight surplus is not dramatic. This function is more for beginners and little experienced skaters, or everyone who has big respect from braking. On the other hand you can effectivelly brake also with classic brake or withouth brake, more advanced skaters don´t use much of this function, because they brake without brake, or they trained braking by pressure with classic brake. Brake block is after wear and tear standardly exchangable. 

Brzda Rollerblade ABTRollerblade brzda ABT

Skates Rolleblade X-Fit with wheels with diameter 84 mm

The second smallest wheels int he market have diameter 84 mm. It will be good for beginners, little experienced  and also advanced skaters, who don´t look for higher speed.

Inline skates Rollerblade Macroblade 84 and Rollerblade Macroblade 84 W

Inline skates Rollerblade Macroblade 84 are suitable for recreational and fitness trainings skating. For beginners and middle advanced skaters, who don´t look for high speed, but also don´t want to have so much work on skates, than on slower wheels with diameter 80 mm.

Wheels with diameter 84 mm have comparing to previous model higher hardness 84A. They belong in their category more to more solid and also more resistant wheels. The fresh ride is not only becaue of larger diameter of wheels but also because of higher hardness and better bearings SG7. But they are still the second smallest wheels in the market, lovers of high speed will choose skates with larger wheels. Skates have perfect maneuverability and stability. 

Bearings SG7 are normally used bearings of middle class. They are relatively fast and resistant bearings. Comparing to brand competition will not be lost or excel, just the good brand quality. They are lubricated with vaseline and closed (there is though not lubrication and cleaning, after wear and tear you will exchange them for the new ones). Skates have riveted aluminium frame and tying on classic laces with ensuring eye, which protects from opening of laces, but little complicates opening of laces - lace after opening stays in instep tightened and it is harder to open it with fingers. 

Kolečkové brusle Rollerblade Macroblade 84Kolečkové brusle Rollerblade Macroblade 84 W

Wheels: Rollerblade 84mm/84A

Bearings: SG7

Frame: Alu Twinblade (4x84mm), size of frame (10,4" 220-285 Mondo size), (11,0" 290-315 Mondo size)

Intended for: Beginner, middle advanced, recreational skating, fitness skating

Inline skates Rollerblade Macroblade 84 ABT and Rollerblade Macroblade 84 ABT W

Here too applies, that the difference comparing to previous model you will find only in brake Rollerblade ABT.

kole4kov0 brusle Rollerblade Macroblade 84 ABTKolečkové brusle Rollerblade Macroblade 84 W ABT

Wheels: Rollerblade 84mm/84A

Bearings: SG7

Frame: Alu Twinblade (4x84mm), size of frame (10,4" 220-285 Mondo size), (11,0" 290-315 Mondo size)

Intended for: Beginner, middle advanced, recrational skating, fitness skating

Row X-Fit with 90 mm wheels

Do you want skates Rollerblade with soft textile shoe for faster 90 mm large wheels? Then you can choose one model. It is simple.

Inline skates Rollerblade Macroblade 90 and Rollerblade Macroblade 90 W

More rigid and more solid frame comparing to model Rollerblade Macroblade 84. Stronger molded frame better holds stability even in higher speeds. Larger and also faster wheels Rollerblade with diameter 90mm and hardness 84A are durable, but also still greatly mute uneven surfaces. Good compromise for faster, but still comfortable ride. Fast vaseline bearings Rollerblade SG9 ensure fresh skating and mostly after their usage. The same as all other Rollerblade bearings with name SG are not demontable (after wear and tear they are then exchanged) and are lubricated with vaseline. Bearings Twincam ILQ 9 would be better, but also SG9 are very good. 

Rollerblade Macroblade 90 and Rollerblade Macroblade 90 W are suitable for middle advanced and advanced skaters, maybe ambicious skater with smaller experience. They are suitable for classic recreational and fitness skating or longer distances. Demanding sport skaters will choose sport model with large wheels, we are still in category  X-Fit, skates intended for usual ride on cyclo paths.

Thanks to maximal low center of gravity, in ratio to given size of wheels and still relatively short frame, are skates still good maneuverable and stabile, they can ride relatively fast. We don´t recommend these to total beginners, or skaters who don´t know how to brake, how to ride down the hill, slide and holding the stability on one leg etc. and have respect from higher speeds. On the other hand these are still usual faster fitness skates, they are not intended though only for sport demanding skaters, but usual skaters can have them too, who know the basics and knows how to brake sufficiently.

Often there too big respect, mostly from the rows of women skaters, who could have these skates and have basics of skating, but are afraid of larger wheels for no reason. Usual skater, who knows how to control skates and have control, doesn´t need to hesitate. 

So we are not afraid to recommend the skates to usual skaters, who want to have fresh ride, don´t want to have a lot of work on skates or ride longer distances and moreover don´t want to buy sport skates, which are already more technicaly difficult. 

 Kolečkové brusle Rollerblade Macroblade 90Kolečkové brusle Rollerblade Macroblade 90 W

Wheels: Rollerblade 90mm/84A

Bearings: SG9

Frame: Pressed Alu twinblade 4x90, length 11.0" 

Intended for: Intermediate, advanced, fitness skating

The fastest model from row X-Fit with wheels 3x110 mm

Inline skates Rollerblade Macroblade 3 WD and Rollerblade Macroblade 110 3WD W

New model, which continues on wave of three-wheel skates. Skates Rollerblade Macroblade 110 3WD are replacing older model Rollerblade Macroblade 100 with equipped wheels 4x 100 mm. Advantage is clear, higher speed at saving great maneuverability and this is thanks to bearings SG9. Skates are really fast and are suitable for experienced skaters, who can skate already with smaller wheels and this speed is not sufficient for them. For starting of wheels with diameter 110 mm to proper speed and turns, when you will appreciate the advantage of larger diameter, for this is needed little strength and mainly good technique. On the other hand, thanks to equipped with three wheels, skate is surprisingly easy maneuverable (comparing to previous model 4x100mm) and also advanced fitness skater can have them. Transfer is not so difficult as on skates with wheels  4x 110mm or race skates with low ankle. Novetly is also upper material, which is made from knitted material and can better encircle the foot. 

Shoe is textile, suitable for dynamic fitness skating, which can be visible on these large wheels at smaller side stability (larger wheel=higher center of gravity=smaller side stability=mostly more solid shoe). Skates are thanks to soft shoe and larger wheels more unstable than other models with more solid shoe. F. e. Rollerblade Twister Edge 110 3WD. But they are more ventilated and lighter. Skates are less suitable for aggressive strength style of ride. 

Kolečkové brusle Rollerblade Macroblade 110 3WDKolečkové brusle Rollerblade macroblade 110 W 3WD

Wheels: Rollerblade Supreme 110mm/85A

Bearings: SG9

Frame: Alu twinblade 3WD (max 3x110mm), 11,4

Intended for: Advanced skater, long distances

Kole4kov0 brusle Rollerblade X-Fitnes

Models SMU - lower quality under logo Rollerblade

Next to quality original models from catalogue you can meet in shops also with skates (not only) of brand Rollerblade with different quality. This is so-called model SMU, models where is often adjusted quality, so they can be sold for attractive lower prices.

Most often it is domain of sport chains, but not only theirs. Models SMU allow to sell skates Rollerblade for attractive low prices. Prices are noticeably lower than at models, which you see in catalogue or on websites of producer. At the first look it could look as a good deal, but notice, the price is not convenient. 

At these skates, the quality is directly proportional to lower price. Often they are less equipped or made on base already not used older construction, which producer at their actural original models doesn´t use anymore. Disadvantage at these models can be next to lower quality also hardly estimated discount, often there is not said recommended price for czech market, so seller can say that skate costs 5000 czech crowns and now it costs 2500 czech crowns. Beginner sees branded skate and large discount, but he will not know that skate is not sold at price 5000 czech crowns and model is made specially just for this shop. This model of skates is of course with quality comparing to original changed, so it can be sold for lower price. 

We don´t want to you not to buy these skates. We only want, so every customer, who will buy these skates to know that there exists quality from catalogue, where you will find all available technologies of given brand and you can expect maximal quality and then row with name SMU, where the quality is different and skates are because of these reasons cheaper. It is up to everyone, if they will get quality catalogue model or cheaper alternative, but he must to always count with that quality is directly proportional. If it is original catalogue model then you can find out right on websites of producer, where you can look at actual catalogue and all models. From usual sold skates in the market, belong to models SMU models skates Rollerblade Sirio, Rollerblade Aero, Rollerblade Astro etc.

Rollerblade Aero SMURollerblade astro 84 Rollerblade Spark 84 Rollerblade Sirio



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