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Micro Monster Volcano grey

Monster Volcano grey
stabilní koloběžkaskládací koloběžka
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Product details, description

Description of Kickboard Micro Monster Volcano grey

New with improved construction and with better design follower of Kickboard Micro Monster is now with handlebars type T-Bar and joystick in one package.  
Handlebars are easily removable, so if you feel like it, you can put on joystick and right away you have adrenalin experience from ride.  
If you want smooth, stabile ride, then you put on handlebars type T-bar.

Monster Kickboard combines the best characteristics of  Kickboard Original and scooter Rocket with wide comfortable wheels. 
Kickboard Monster is equipped with unique wood fiber flexible board, which will give to rider excellent riding characteristics. 
Board is also partially flexible, which makes higher feeling at dynamic ride and also acts as suspension from vibrations from rough surface. 
Handlebars rod you can fold and is height adjustable. 

Thanks to strong wheels has Monster total stability at ride, even at the sharpest turns. 
Front axle is again ready for various pressures when is overload in sharp turns. 

Why is Kickboard Micro Monster Volcano grey unique?

- comfortable, wood fiber, flexible board absorbing small vibrations
- large wheels add large construction
- Monster Kickboard is always and everywhere the middle of attention
- easily folded and height adjustable control rod
- has handlebars type T-bar and joystick


Wheels 3x 120 mm (width 65mm)
Bearings ABEC5
Colour grey
Load capacity max. 100 kg
Board wood-fiber flexible board (fibreglass)
Possibility to fold Yes, folding mechanism
Length of board 44 cm
Width of board 10 - 14 cm
Total length 75 cm
Height of control rod 70 - 102 cm
Weight 5,53 kg
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