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Mini DeLuxe
kvalitní dětská koloběžka
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Product details, description

Mini Micro Deluxe is new and improved generation of classical tricycle Mini Micro. 
The same as at classical Mini Micro, also this tricycle Deluxe was designed by German and Swiss constructers and was consulted with doctors experts. 
The main was safety, quality and practical use when it was developed. 
Main improvement of Mini Micro Deluxe are height adjustable handlebars, higher solid material used on footboard, higher capacity of the whole tricycle up to 35 kg, Footboard with improved against chute and reflex stickers on back part of scooter. 
Our tricycles are great for developing balance and coordination of children´s movement and preschool children!
Uniqueness of this scooter is in simple special mechanism, which by tilt of control rod and transfering the weight curves. Children will understand very fast the principle of curving of this scooter and they can attent the "races" right away with older children and siblings. Mini Micro you can fold easily by ejecting of all control rod from the footboard.  

Why is Mini Micro Deluxe unique?

- curves by trasfering of weight and by tilt of control rod
- withdrawable handlebars
- very low weight
- easy, safe and intuitive control
- improved solid footboard
- painted control rod in colour of scooter
- capacity 35 kg

Awards, certificates, participation:

2012 - Nursery World Awards UK Swiss Design Spiel Gut doporučuje Mini Micro Rodiči volená cena 2009 - Best Toy Award - Gold Seal 2007 - Toy of the Year Award UKSwiss Design Spiel Gut doporučuje Mini Micro Rodiči volená cena 2009 - Best Toy Award - Gold Seal 2007 - Toy of the Year Award UK


Wheels 120 mm / 80 mm
Width of wheels 24 mm
Height of handlebars 48-68 cm (from ground)
Width of handlebars 26 cm
Length of footboard 30 cm
Width of footboard 11 cm
Height of footboard 5,5 cm (from ground)
Weight 1,99 kg
Folding rod No
Removable rod Yes
Capacity max. 35 kg
Age from 2 years
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