Micro Mini DeLuxe 3in1

Mini DeLuxe 3in1
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Product details, description

Mini Deluxe 3v1 is improved multifunctional push bike and scooter, which will grow with your child.

This model is in eight colorful colours.
Push bike with softed seat you can use cca. from 18 months.

It has handlebars type O, which are for the smallest children more natural for controling and holding. With growing child you can adjust seat to the second hight level. 
When you will not need the seat, you can remove it, then it becomes tricycle with lowered O-handlebars.
And when the handlebars will be too low, you will substitute them with included adjustable control rod in shape T and you will have original Mini Micro Deluxe, which has load capacity 35 kg.

And where is the biggest advantage?
Push bike and then also scooter is during the ride very stabile and safe. Thanks to the way how Mini Micro Deluxe 3v1 turns, the children´s motor skills are developed, balance and stability. Ride and tilts connected with turning partially stimulate carving skiing, thanks to this is ride on scooter Mini Micro Deluxe unique experience. Children will love it.


  •  already from the first year as push bike, then as push bike and scooter
  •  turns by transfering the weight and tilting the control rod
  •  very low weight
  •  safe and intuitive controling
  •  stability
  •  imroved version of the winner of the Toy of the year 2012 in Czech Republic in category outside and sport toys
  •  adjustable height of handlebars



2012 - Vítěz Toy Award Nuremberg Swiss Design 2012 - Hračka roku ČR



Intended for Fun, movement, development of motoric skills
Age range 1-5 years
Weight 1,9 kg
Load Capacity 35 kg
Speciality Adjustable seat
Adjustable height Yes
Possibility of removal Yes
Height of handlebars 49 - 68 cm
Width of handlebars 26 cm
Folding rod No
Removable rod Yes
Size 120/80 mm
Width 24 mm
Material PU
Type 78° Shore A
Width of board 11 cm
Length of board 30 cm
Material of board Reinforced plast
Height from ground 5,5 cm
Load capacity of seat 20 kg
Height of seat 21,5 - 28,5 cm
Height adjdustment Yes
Possibility of removal Yes
Folding handles No
Brake Yes
Eye on strap No
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K Micro Mini DeLuxe 3in1
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