Micro Mini2Go DeLuxe Plus Mint

Mini2Go DeLuxe Plus Mint
dětská koloběžkaovladatelná koloběžkababy koloběžka
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Product details, description

Micro Mini2go Deluxe Plus - mint

Micro Mini2go Deluxe Plus in mint colour is newer and more developed version of classic Micro Mini2go.

This tricycle you can use already from 1,5 year as a classic pushbike and in later age as a tricycle or better to say scooter.

Part of  Mini2go Deluxe Plus
Part of tricycle is "bonneted seat", which you can removed easily. Under this seat there is storage space for all accessories. Capacity of this seat is max. 20 kg.

In package you will find  also back control rod, thanks to this you can take over the control of tricycle, or you can help little rider f. e. to the hill. When you don´t use the control rod, you can easily storage it in a drawer.  
Mini2go Deluxe Plus has also LED light, which is fitted in a drawer. You can take it out and use as a riding light on handlebars.

Multi-purpose use
When you will not need the light, you can remove it, by which occurs Mini Micro Deluxe with hight adjustable handlebars 49-68 cm from ground. Maximal age for using Mini2go Deluxe+ is not set strictly, only maximal weight of rider limites it - up to 35 kg.

And where is the biggest advantage?
Thanks to the way of curving by tilt, motorics and balance is developing. Cca at 3 years children start to use scooter without the seat. At ride, when rider is standing, motorics is even more developing and partially the ride is stimulating the style of carving skiing. 

In many countries, mostly western, was this combination of pushbike and scooter awarded as "The best toy for a toddler" and got many different world awards. 

Why is Micro Mini2go Deluxe Plus - mint unique?

- already from 1,5 year as a pushibike, later as a pushbike and scooter
- curves by weight shift and tilf of control rod 
- very low weight
- safe and intuitive control
- storage space for toys
- control rod for adults
- lightening

Awards, certifications, participation:

Swiss Design Prima Baby Awards 2016 German Design Award 2016


Parts tricycle, seat with storage space, T-handlebars, control rod, LED light
Wheels 120 mm / 80 mm, PU 87 hardness A
Width of wheels 24 mm
Length of pedaling 30 cm
Width of pedaling 11 cm
Hight of pedaling 5,5 cm (from ground)
Max. hight of handlebars 68 cm
Min. hight of handlebars 49 cm
Weight 2,15 kg (tricycle); 3,75 kg (including seat); 4,3 kg (including control rod)
Hight of seat from ground 26 cm
Capacity of seat max. 20 kg
Capacity of tricycle max. 35 kg
Colour mint
Age from 1.5 year
Micro Awards
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