Micro Maxi DeLuxe folding

Maxi DeLuxe folding
skládací koloběžka pro děti
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This folding  Maxi Micro Deluxe is safe, stabile and very much fun for older children, juniors and teenagers with weight up to  70 kg.
Maxi Micro was originally intended as a next product for children, who grew up from  Mini Micro. This kickboard by the time went, happend to become trend product for juniors and teenagers.  
Row Maxi Deluxe has new overworked footboard , by whiich the load capactity of the whole scooter got higher to 70 kg and thanks to higher silicon inspcriptiion leg doesn´t slip on the footboard. Also design was improved and this is thanks to eloxic controlling rod in colour of scooter. Also reflex elements were added. 

Great experience from ride and perfect characteristics of row Maxi remained preserved. About turning takes care unique mechanism, which turns by tilting of control rod and transfering of weight. Rider has at ride on asphalt similar feelings as at surfing or ride on snowboard. 
Stability and higher safety at ride ensures telescopic control rod, which is folding at this model. 
For stability also take care two front and one back double wheel. 

Maxi Micro Deluxe is very entertaining scooter with great experience at ride for shorter distance. If you need to take longer distances, we recommend for older children the scooter of type Speed+ or Flex and for younger children basic row Sprite.

Why is Maxi Micro Deluxe Blue - folding unique?

- turns by transfering of weight and tilting of control rod
- larger and more resistant construction, higher load capacity than  Maxi Micro
- adjustable height of handlebars
- safe and intuitive control
- classic and height adjustable handlebars in shape T for higher stabiity when riding
- text on board of scooter from silicon, thanks to it your leg will not slip on footboard
- modern and stylish design

Awards, certificates, partications:




120 mm / 85 mm

Width of wheels

24 mm

Height of handlebars

67-92 cm (from ground)

Width of handlebars

26 cm

Total length of board

56 cm

Lenght of tread

33 cm

Width of tread

14,2 cm

Height of tread

5,5 cm


2,8 kg



Load capacity

max. 70 kg




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07.11.2017, Alena:
Dobrý den,

mám zájem o koloběžku Micro Maxi DeLuxe skládací s nosností do 70kg , ale zároveň by se líbila možnost používání batohu, jako je na obrázku u koloběžky Mikro Maxi 4v1. Je možné si tento batoh ke koloběžce Micro Maxi DeLuxe pořídit dodatečně?
Děkuji za odpověď.
14.11.2017, iclukas:
Dobrý den,

samotný batoh bohužel není v nabídce.

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