K2 test - K2 V02 100 X Pro review

K2 V02 100 X Pro - test


Today we will have a look at popular sport fitness model K2 with combined size of wheels which is often discussed topic among our customers. Skates K2 V02 100 X Pro have two 90 mm wheels in front and two back 100 mm wheels. The reason for this is simple - sporty/race posture when the heel is above the tip provides better front-back stability and acceleration. Simultaneously smaller wheels in the front provides stability due to lower focus point. And it really works! Stability is the same as with classical 90mm skates, but we were significantly faster with two 100mm wheels. Perfect combination of comfort, ventilation, speed, stability sutiable for fast and comfortable fitness skating - that´s K2 VO0 100 X Pro.


Boot is very comfortable as all K2 models are - comfort is really K2 speciality! Compared to other models with max. wheels 84 mm it is less padded, but it is more sporty model after all. It means that important fact, besides comfort, is transfer of energy into rebound. But it is just a theory - you will hardly find softer and more comfortable boot.

Simple construction is obvious also when it comes to weight which is noticeable rigth during first ride. You will surely appreciate that durging sprints and longer tracks. Boot is soft as all fitness boots, so don´t expect any kind of solid sporty machine. If you are fan of really sporty or racing skating wou will probably go for some tougher boot (for instance Powerslide).  Despite 100 mm wheels is this model still fitness skates for ordinary fitness skaters who prefers comfort rather than precise rebound.

Ventilation is real masterpiece. Using Vortotech technology are skates well-aired and there are hardly better skates available nowadays.

Lacing is done by traditional speed lace. Little disadvantage is that after tightening the tip is not tightened enough, so you need to tighten the lace in the front first and then use speed lace. Then it is perfectly reliable and functional. Lace doesn´t come loose during ride. To loosen the skate you just need to push safety lock - it is simple and fast. Traditional thin laces can be used with these skates, but with you will save few seconds with speed lace.

Pleasant is softer front-back flex which is determined by softer cuff (construction of ankle joint and upwards) and soft padding into the boot, this provides more natural bend forwards. This is important fact, however many customers don´t notice that, but it underlines quality of all components.





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28.04.2017, robert:
Lze zakoupit samostatně rám od těchto bruslí?
29.04.2017, iclukas:
Dobrý den,

jedná se o rekreační fitness brusle s nýtovaným rámem. Rám se v takovém případě vyměnit nedá.

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