Powerslide Imperial Supercruiser 110

Imperial Supercruiser 110
rychlé kolečkové brusle do městatříkolečkové urban bruslerychlé a ovladatelné inline brusle do městapohodlné freestyle inline brusle
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Product details, description

Imperial Supercruiser 110

Roller skates Powerslide Imperial Supercruiser. Solid and durable skelet shoe is equipped with short aluminium frame, high quality bearings ABEC 9 and three 110mm wheels Powerslide Spinner 86A allowing fast ride. Thanks to short frame, skates have highered maneuverability and durability, which is suitable for ride on slalom and also for overcoming smaller city obstacles. 

Skelet is made from special composite material with 15% fiberglass, which is perfectly solid and also light and good ventilated. Part of inner shoe is stretch matrial in part of thumbs and anatomically shaped padding with nice surface adjustment from quality micro fiber and nylon.

Removable anatomically shaped insole with perforation greatly breaths and is very comfortable. From bottom part there are 3 different zones with gel or foam elements for cushioning of heel, toe and middle part of leg. Shoe My Fit Fat Boy you can thermally shape for even better fit on leg and more comfort. When you put skates on, there is great large tab on the back side of shoe. Tightening of skate is ensured with classic laces and solid instep and upper buckles with fuse against not wanted opening. 

Universal Flap
Shoe can be tightened with inner and outer system of tightening with the goal to optimise your comfort and by this higher your sport performances. 

X-Slot Mounting
Frame has vertical handle, which gives to skater possibility of very exact setting of position of shoe. With frame you can move to the sides, also to the front and back. 


Skelet: Glass-fiber reinforced plastic
Chassis: PS Unity one piece 255mm, stamped ALuminium
Wheels: PS Spinner 110mm/86A
Bearings: WCD ABEC 9, 608
Shoe: My Fit Fat Boy, Dual fit

 Three-wheel skates-advantages and disadvantages. 

 Do you need advice how to choose inline skates?

 Do you need advice how to choose wheels?

  Do you need advice how to choose bearings?

   In our shops we provide Diagnosis of vault for free.


Product details
Wheel size110 mm
Wheel hardness86 A
BearingsABEC 9
Chassis material Aluminium
Chassis attachment Šroubovaný
Fastening system2x Přezka
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