Ice skates K2

Roller skates K2 are the most popullar fitness skates from our offer.  Top comfort and great quality make from original models K2 luxury and wanted goods. 

Now K2 transferred all advantages of their comfortable in-line skates also to winter collection, added water resistant and ice resistant material from microfiber, at higher models also quality insulation Thinsulate and added quality steel knife and construction with low center of gravity and we get great ice skates, which are thanks to unbeatable comfort perfect article for recreational skating in winter months.  

Children and also adults will love them. 


Childrens skates

At childrens models ice skates K2 beat the competition not only with already said comfort but most with possibility of enlarge and by this by setting wanted size even by 5 sizes (29-34, 32-37, 35-40).

In combination with the quality, childrens ice skates K2 are good investment for many years. 

Advantage of chldrens skates K2 is also easy tightening, which by basic models  Marlee and Raider is solved by fast-tightening lace with fuse (speed lace), which you can be tighten by easy tightening. At higher level of model K2 Rink Raven even we find system Boa, solid resistant rope, which tighten skate by help of spinning the wheel.  Tightening was never easier. Every parent, who sometimes tied skates with numb fingers will appreciate this.  By the time when other children will only be putting skates on, your children will be already skating in the playground. 

It is important to mention also reinforcement  of ankle by help of construction  Stability cuff.  Correct supporting and stability is the main assumption for comfortable skating and iprovement of skating technique. 

dětské lední nastavitelné brusle      nastavitelná velikost dětských ledních bruslí K2 

Adults collection

Is devided into men and ladies series into 3 price different models. 

Basic models K2 F.I.T. Ice and K2 Alexis Ice have traditional tightening and buckles, which we have from in-line skates K2.  Skates are great padded and unbelievable comfortable.  Outside and inner material is of course customized for moist and cold conditions.  Skates also remain all advantages of roller skates K2. Holder holding the knife is from monolitic construction, which ensures low weight and mainly low center of gravidity. Skates are thanks to this very stabile. Knife is of course from stainless steel. 


Higher range of ice skates K2 F.I.T. Pro Ice and K2 Alexis Pro Ice add more luxury insulation Thinsulate, little softer textil on the top of the shoe ensures better breathing and also more comfortable tightening  Speed Lace (speed laces), thanks to this is tightening very fast and comfortable. 

Royal range of ice skates K2 Alexis Boa Ice and K2 F.I.T. Boa Ice offer more luxury and comfortable tightening Boa,  system of tightening by help of wheel and solid resistant rope. Especially in winter months, when person has more layers of clothes and has numb fingers, will appreciate comfortable and fast tightening. Tightening of ice skates was never easier. 


Speciality of ladies skates K2 is a fact, that they don´t have teeth, they perfectly alternate in-line skating. Ideal choice for all lovers of in-line skating. 


Ice skates K2 are mostly quality and luxury comfort. Active hockey players and skaters choose more traditional canadas or ice skates. For other skaters, which are looking mostly for the maximum comfort, interesting design and they want to have leg in dry and warm for the whole time of skating, the ice skates K2 are ideal choice.  They will bring joy many and many winter seasons. Ice skates K2 are top candidate for the most comfortable skates in the market. 


Ask a question
25.02.2019, Petra:
Dobrý den. Kam je možné se obrátit s poškozeným vázáním na K2 bruslích? Rozletělo se mi kolečko na utahování bruslí, momentálně nejde brusle stáhnout. Díky Petra
26.02.2019, iclukas:
Dobrý den,

pokud jsou brusle v záruce, obraťte se na prodejce, u kterého jste brusle kupovala. Pokud jsou brusle zakoupeny u nás a jsou v záruce, zastavte se s účtenkou a bruslemi na prodejně nebo je zašlete na jednu z našich prodejen - viz kontakty.

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