Tempish HYBRID

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Product details, description

TEMPISH HYBRID is protection helmet suitable for all kinds of sports. Primarilly is intended for inline skating, skateboards, longboards and miniscooters, but is also suitable for cycling.

Setting of size

This helmet is sold in two sizes S/M and L/XL. At which helmet in package are added two sets of linings. One thinner and one thicker. Each user then can adapt and combine linings, so it will "fit" optimally and very reliable protec head at falls and collisions! From helmet with mark S/M you can easily make helmet in size S, or M, maybe even something in between - according to shape of user´s head. Helmet is equipped with lock wheel for setting exact circuit.  

Helmet is resistant to large impacts, thanks to lining from EPS. Outer solid shell is made from two parts and makes interesting element. Helmet is richly ventilated with openings in outer shell, inner muting layer from EPS and also in linings. It is equipped with tightening strap with lock wheel for better attaching to head and classic strap with buckle under the chin with adjustable length. In front part of helmet is placed short peak.  

Recommended use Recreational sport
Category Unisex
Setting of circuit of head YES
Ventilation openings YES
Protection net NO
Shielding shield NO
Outer material ABS
Inner material EPS + foam lining
System of tying Adjustable strap with safety buckle.

Colour: hell, insane, rasta

Size: S/M, L/XL

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