How to repair scooter Micro-Part I.-Exchange of folding mechanism

Do you have scooter Micro at home and do you need to exchange folding mechanism? In structural video you will watch today, how to do it. Instructions you can apply on scooters Micro Sprite, Bullet, Speed+, Black, White and others.....The base is to have suitable tools, imbus keys in sizes 4 and 5, small flat screwdriver or knife for taking off cotter and little manual skills. It would be great to have in stock also prepared glue for ensuring threaded screws (you can find normally in ironmongery and hobby markets), with which you will treat screws against loosing, but it is not necessary. Without using the glue is needed more often to check tightening. Folding mechanism is also suitable lightly lubricate with vaseline (look at instructions for scooter) in places of friction, you will longer longevity and ensure more smoother "go of folding". 

All spare parts for scooters Micro you will find on our websites or in our shops. If you don´t know what to do about service, you can take scooter to our service. 

Time: cca 15-25 minutes

Difficulty of exchange: low/middle/high

Our tip: we recommend to use quality imbus keys with good leer or rattle(Gola with imbus extension). Bottom screws are from production strongly tighten and with suitable tools you will prevent the damage of heads of screws and you will make your work more simple. 




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