Tempish GT 500/110

GT 500/110
zavodní kolečkové brusle
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Product details, description

GT-500 110 in line are specially developed skate for recreational, amateur and beginner speed riders who prefer fast and dynamic skating and love to skatelonger distances. With these skates they can also test speed and enduranceracing skating. Extremely lightweight skeleton consists of a 7-layers of fiberglass and 2- layers of carbon fiber. Ending of skeleton at the ankle area and the Achilles tendon - comfort fix. Reinforced by one instep velcro strap, top bucklewith micro buckle. Inner shape C ++ is optimally prepared for a large group ofthe general population. The outer material synthetic leather with microfiberreinforced stitching, inner material is microfiber.

Wheel size 110 mm RUN 7S series are specially designed for training and speedskating. The construction of the core is designed for high load and long term load, PU material has an extremely low rolling resistance and high durability.Hardness 88A is designed for smooth surfaces without roughness with fine structure.

Very solid and easily controllable chassis SCHELL was taken from a higher modelSCREAM.

The sizes 36 and 37 are equipped with SHELL 3 chassis.

Size: 36 - 45

Screw pitchformountingthe chassis:

size 33 - 35          150mm

size 36 - 37          165mm

size 38 - 45          195mm

Level of sport optimal loading: 5

Lenght of inner liner:

36 - 23,7cm

37 - 24,2cm

38 - 25,5cm

39 - 26,2cm

40 - 27,0cm

41 - 27,8cm

42 - 28,3cm

43 - 29,1cm

44 - 30,3cm

45 - 30,9cm

Product details
Wheel size110 mm
Wheel hardness88 A
BearingsHi-Speed TRT11
Chassis material Aluminium
Removable inner shoeNo
Chassis attachment Šroubovaný
Fastening systemLace + micro buckle
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