Micro  Flex Blue 200 mm PU

 Flex Blue 200 mm PU
skládací koloběžka Microkoloběžka s velkými koly
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Product details, description

Scooter Micro Flex Blue took over all advantages of scooter Micro Flex and it was added solid wheels 200mm. 

It is practically Micro Flex Air with 200 mm solid wheels.
Solid wheels have larger dynamic at ride, longer range on one take off, although they don´t abosrb so many of uneven surfaces as inflated wheels. 
Thanks to patented wood-fiber board with fiberglass is scooter FLEX Blue the most resistant scooter equipped with polyurethan 200 mm wheels. When you take off, there is little shaking of foot board, which ensures higher comfort through the ride. 

Why is scooter Micro Flex Blue 200 mm PU unique?

- comfortable, wood-fiber, flexible board absorbing little vibrations
- solid 200 mm wheels
- combination of scooter Flex Air with wheels from scooter Black
- scooter to the city, but also for longer distances 


Wheels 200x35mm, rim - 5 beams, material polyurethan
Bearings ABEC5
Colour blue
Load capacity max. 100 kg
Board wood-fiber flexible board
Length of board 33 cm
Width of board 10-14 cm
Folding handlebars Yes
Height of handlebars 72-103 cm
Length total 90 cm
Weight 4,85 kg
Age 7-99 years
Stand Yes


Micro Awards

Product details
Wheel size200
BearingABEC 5
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