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INLINE CENTRUM Exchange of wheels and bearings bought in our shop

Exchange of wheels and bearings bought in our shop
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Wheels and bearings

What should capture out attention first are wheels. After whole season they will surely be worn down. Sometimes it is good to consider buying brand new wheels. Reason for buying new wheels is in case that wheels are soo worn down that they do not have proper vertex or the vertex is too much on the side. Another reason can be visible damage of wheels. This can cause serious fall.

Recommended system of wheels exchange:
L1 ↔ R3
L2 ↔ R4
L3 ↔ R1
L4 ↔ R2

L,R = left, right. Order of numbers is set from the tip. This theory seems nice, but you cannot do this forever. Then you can put together all the wheels you have and make 2 sets of 4 wheels according to size. If you form a set of wheels, put even and odd ones together. Thus you will get 2 sets of approximately same size of wheels. Put the wheels onto the skates in a way that the bigger wheels are placed in front and back and the smaller ones in the middle positions.

the price 80,- is valid only if you bought spare parts in our shop.



After some time bearings get worn out as well. You can recognize that easily - bearings make strange sounds and roars. Almost every bearing can be dismantled and cleaned. Bearing is opened and after removing the duster it is dismantled completely, degreased and greased again. Natural thing should be drying the bearings with a little rag after each ride or at least during each wheel exchange.

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