Rollerblade Endurace Pro 125

Endurace Pro 125
maratonské inline bruslespeed inline brusle 2v1rychlá inline kolečka
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Product details, description

Rollerblade Endurace Pro 125 are revolutionary skates 2 in 1. Premium marathon skates for fitness lovers, lovers of long distances or racers, who want to train and make their technique better. System of removable cuff (RCS) allows to skater to change skates from marathon middle high up to skates with racing profile and excellent level of comfort and support. Carbon construction highers efficiency of reflection and stability of skates in slide. Racing Alu 3WD frame, wheels Hydrogen made in USA and bearings Twincam are guarantee of the highest quality. Skate is equipped with Dynamic Airflow Spoilerem (DAS), which directs the flowing air to the ventilated sole and with this keeps your leg in dry. Whole shoe is of course made from breathable materials. 


Rollerblade rám

  • 3 WD ALU 125 - Aluminium frame is solid, resistant and stabile. In hardened version (extruded) has higher load capacity and rigidity in torsion - better transfer of energy, no losses from torsion, higher speed. Wheels are fixed to the frame with racing 8mm screws. Frame is laterally adjustable. 
  • 12.6"


Rollerblade zapínání

  • 45° buckle with microspoon Buckle directed to perfectly fix the heel in skate and protect from movement of leg, which ensures better transfer of energy and protects from blisters and abrasion, which may arise at wrong tightening of skates 
  • Performance asymmetric lacing + Alu buckle above ankle


Rollerblade - botička

  • True Wrap - Technology, which brings perfect encirclement of leg in skate. It copies shape of leg, ensures better stability and maneuverability of skates. It brings the feeling, as the skate is part of your leg. 
  • Completely from breathable materials 


Rollerblade - skelet

  • Carbon Reinforcement - Reinforcement of heel of skates at performance models. More solid heel minimalizes torsion of shoe and by this losses of energy. Better performance at your racing and training rides. Shoe is made from thermoformed carbon. 
  • Dynamic Airflow spoiler (DAS)
  • removable cuff (RCS), ventilated base 


  • Crazy fast wheels Rollerblade Hydrogen 125mm/85A with extremely low rolling resistance for perfect enjoyment from the ride. Quality polyurethane composition adds to longer longevity and mutes vibrations. High speed with less effort and unbelievable energy in every of your rides.  Made in USA.


  • Bearings Twincam ILQ 9 Classic Plus belong to the fastest in their category. Silent movement ensures vaseline lubrication. Bearings are from inner side open for easier possibility of lubrication. From outer side there is classic anti-dust cover ensured with C fuse with possibility of demontation. 


Three-wheel skates-advantages and disadvantages.

Do you need advice how to choose inline skates?

Do you need advice how to choose wheels?

In shops we provide Diagnosis of vault for free.

Product details
Wheel size125 mm
Wheel hardness85 A
BearingsILQ 9 Classic Plus
Chassis material Aluminium 3WD
Fastening systemTkanička + 2x Přezka
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