Tempish Black Shadow 90 Lady

Black Shadow 90 Lady
dámské pohodlné kolečkové brusle
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Product details, description

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BLACK SHADOW 90 LADY is a new model of inline skates TEMPISH using modern materials and technologies. As a whole offers to skaters really high comfort at ride, safe controlling of skate and certainty of freedom with sufficient freedom of individual adjusting of shoe and skate after style of ride after individual shape of foot and local conditions. Skates BLACK SHADOW are intended for experienced and advanced skaters, they well bear middle and high sport load. 


Skelet of skate is made from new composite material on base of nylon. It is very solid and also flexible, thanks to which there is much lower weight of the whole skate. Upper part of skelet is equipped with metal self-locking buckle. 


MOZ System

This model is historically the first, on which was used MOZ system of tying. Revolutionary system of tying of shoes with new system MOZ with help of metal rope allowing very fast and solid tying and loosing, fine dosing of tying and high comfort. Nylon dies (eyes) together with metal rope ensure almost unlimited longevity of the whole system. 


Inner shoe

Inner shoe (liner) is made from double-layered inner bandage on base of  molitan and latex with partially shaped memory. In part of Achille´s tendon and ankle with very good anatomical transition for higher comfort of user and unambiguous fixation of foot in shoe. On outer liner is used new material with high solidness and great breathability of air for better ventilation. Thanks to structure and two colours also make dominant etetic element of the whole skate. Inner insterted lining is quality  anatomical shaped and is double-layered. It has two main functions:

1. ability to adapt to individual shape of foot and fixation in shoe against not wanted movement at skating.

2. mute vibrations from chassis and with this ensures more comfortable ride on skates.



Model BLACK SHADOW 90 is equipped with large chassis made by technology CNC from aluminium alloy A356. This proven chassis (used also on models TEMPISH ZONER and TEMPISH ELUR) us surface adjusted with technology  DEEP BLACK MATT with print. Its big advantage is low weight and solidness. Chassis is attached to skelet with central screws, which allow individual adjustment of position of chassis against skelet (foot) or after style of skating of each skater. Chassis is also possible to indidvualy exchange with chassis from row TEMPISH CAT or RAPID UNI.



Skates are equipped with wheels TEMPISH RADICAL, which thanks to their hardness 85A are famous with high adhesion and muting of uneven surfaces, low wear and tear and very little rolling resistance. They are attached with axis with diameter 6mm, length 32mm. Wheels turn on quality exact bearings ABEC 9 CHROME hi-precision TOP SPEED with rubber dusters and with minimal rolling resistance ensuring faster and more comfortable ride. 


Basic parameters:


Recommended use Recreational, conditioning skating, advanced, experienced skaters.
Category Fitness
Skelet material NYLON, very light, but strongly reinforced in part above ankle, tightening with metal buckle with system SELF AUTOLOCK, ventilation in part under the foot
Inner material reinforced NYLON/NYLEX, anatomical insole with double-layered inner structure for better fixation of foot and more certain controlling of skate, inner bandage with shaped memory. 
Chassis in-line  AL alloy, construction strongly reinforced with deep transition, system of attaching to skelet - combination of IDEAL POSITION CONTROL (under the heel) and adjustable position chassis under the tip
Type of wheel RADICAL PU Casting (PUC), Super Hi-Rebound (SHR), high quality wheels
Diameter of wheel 90 mm
Hardness of wheel 85A
Bearings ABEC 9 chrome steel
Brake YES
System of tying MOZ System, 1xstrap with micro buckle


Length of inner insole:

size: 37 - 24,0cm

size: 38 - 25,0cm

size: 39 - 25,5cm

size: 40 - 26,5cm

size: 41 - 27,0cm

size: 42 - 27,5cm


Product details
Wheel size90 mm
|6|Počet v kartonu
Wheel hardness85 A
BearingsABEC 9 Chrom
Fastening systemAtop ( tightening thin cable )
Chassis attachment Šroubovaný
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