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brusle na freestyleinline na slalom
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Great  freestyle - street skate - ready for universal use, but also as quality sport tool for experienced freestyle skaters.  Perfect ratio price / performance !!!

Skelet of skate greatly ventilated - ventilation comes to the foot thanks to ventilation liner, which has holes on its all circuit including shoe tongue. Upper self-locking buckle is on side of strap put into skelet, so it doesn´t capture the second skate at slaloms and freestyle, buckle alone is protected against the damage by low lightweight boss.  Excentric club for individual setting. Instep strap is equipped with one-degree micro buckle of new construction with very comfortable easy tying and untying of skates.  Size changable protector. Buttonhole laces cleaned, fortification rings GROWTH POWER for easier closing of skelet and protection of laces.  Mounting points for chassis size  165mm 

Liner skates have entire surface ventilation, in upper part reinforced  PVC, which makes higher endurance and protection and against abrasion in part Achilles tendon.  Liner is comparing to others lower and softer, which allows easier making freestyle tricks. Anatomical insole with first - finer degree of muting vibrations with saving sensitive and fine contact with skate and surface. Silicon shock aborber is located under the heel and outside plastic insole ensures comfortable skating when you are training etc. Two degree muting of vibrations, two insoles and reinforced ventilation liner is prerequisite for good sport results and also comfortable use of skates with high level of comfort use. 

Chassis CNC technology strongly reinforced with space construction, very solid, stabile, massive and exact. Hollow axis for lowering the weight  8mm.  Main advantage: small cradle structurally incorporated in the frame (difference in height of axis 1,5mm). Mounting points on shoe for construction of chassis, which is transversely and longitudinally variable has range: 165mm

Our interest: customer will get not 8 but 12 wheels, 8 pieces same (80mm, 76mm) and 4 smaller (76mm, 72mm)

You can set this model on your own and get perfect freestyle skate, or funny street skate – just the way you want it ….

The degree of load bearing capacity of sport 4.

Mounting dimensions of chassis: M-150, 165, 180mm, L-165, 180, 195mm

Size of chassis (pitch wheels): M - 242mm, L - 258mm


size 38-40 wheels 4*76x24mm +2*72x24mm (chassis M)

size 41-44 wheels 4*80x24mm + 2*76x24mm (chassis L) 

Sizes: 38 - 44

Length of insole:

size: 38 - cm

size: 39 - cm

size: 40 - cm

size: 41 - cm

size: 42 - cm

size: 43 - cm

size: 44 - cm



Product details
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01.08.2018, Michaela:
Dobrý den, je k této freestylové brusli možno přidat brzdu?
02.08.2018, Iclukas:
Dobrý den, ano brzda universální od značky Tempish a Powerslide je kompatibilní.

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