Street Surfing Bandit Shooter Green

Bandit Shooter Green
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Product details, description

New generation of freestyle scooters Bandit with improved performance, wide handlebars 54 cm and extended deck 11 cm. Head composition with high compression technology HIC is at tricks and jumps maximally solid. Bearings ABEC 9 for very smooth ride. Wheels with metal core guarantee sufficient solidness at jumps and tricks.          



Reinforced CNC milled alaluminium deck with maximal load 100kg, from alloy 6061 and grip tape with graphic on the tread. Width of deck is 110 mm.


Solid handlebars from alloy of aluminium 6061. Height of handlebars is 83 cm and width 54 cm. Grips from durable and soft material - style ODI.

Head composition

Improved head composition with technology HIC. Ensured is with 4-point  clamp.   



Wheels with five beams and Al core are prepared for the highest load. Material of wheels is PU high rebound with dimensions 100 x 24 mm 88A. Brake on rear wheel from bleary spring steel. Bearings ABEC 9. 


  • reinforced aluminium deck from alloy 6061
  • wide tread 110 mm
  • grip tape with graphic on tread
  • solid handlebars from alloy 6061
  • dimensions of handlebars: 54 cm (w) x 60 cm (h)
  • height of handlebars: 83 cm
  • height of tread from ground: 6 cm
  • height of frame from ground: 4,5 cm
  • grips from durable and soft material - style ODI
  • steel fork 
  • 4-point clamp
  • head composition with technology HIC
  • size of wheels: 100mm
  • rigidity of wheels: 88A, PU high rebound, with aluminium cores
  • bearings: ABEC 9
  • efficient brake on rear wheel
  • weight 3,4 kg
  • max. load 100kg


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Product details
Wheel size100 mm
Wheel hardness88 A
BearingsABEC 9
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