IN STOCK - goods are in stock either in our brick-and-mortar store (Prague 4, Prague 6) or in our storehouse outside the Prague. Goods can be then quickly send to You.

EXTERNAL STOCK, 3-7 WORK DAYS - goods regularly have our supplier. We will then order chosen products and immediately forward to you or prepare it for personal takeover. We usually receive the goods within 2-3 working days. Cash on delivery then within 5 working days.

AVAILABILITY WITH GIVEN TERM (e.g.April) - goods are not available in Czech Republic yet or at our external suppliers, but we expect it to be available on a certain date.

ON REQUEST - we will inquire about the goods at supplier and inform you about delivery time. Usually this apply to products which are not usually available in Czech Republic since the demand for it is rather small. (products for racers etc.)

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