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Sidas 3 Feet Comfort Low Arch

3 Feet Comfort Low Arch
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When you choose correct model of insole SIDAS for exact shape and height of vault, these insoles will give you many times higher comfort in your skates (snb/ski shoes, running shoes etc.). Thanks to better contact of leg with skate you will get higher maneuverability and faster (more exact) reaction of skate. 

Clients with high vault (who until today used insoles with vault not sufficient for their shape of foot) will be less tired on their whole legs and lumber spine after sport performance.

Diagnosis of vault of feet we offer you of course for free in our company shop DBK, in season also in rental shop in Ladronka. From the results of diagnosis we will recommend you exact model of insoles suitable just for your legs.

If you want to know more about diagnosis of vault, watch our video and read our article: Diagnosis of vault for free

Product details, description

Designed specially for low vault of foot.

The construction of insole is adapted to anatomy of foot with low vault. Insole with its 3D construction - supports lengthwise vault and better fit of heel in heel bowl, optimally controls pronation of foot with low vault and with this provides better axial body guidance. Foot suppoorted this way doesn´t change shape so much when is overloaded. Foam EVA pillow under the heel for muting of impacts and better fit. 

Sizes: XS S M L XL XXL
Mondo: 22-23 23,5-24,5 25-26,5 27-28 28,5-29,5 29,5-31
Eur: 35-36 37-38 39-41 42-43 44-45  46-48 

Weight: 81 g


Adjustment of sizes:

There are different sizes of shoes and different width from different producers, so it is very important to take out original insole from shoes and put original insole on insole SIDAS so they cover each other. If SIDAS insole is shorter, then you need to choose bigger size. If it is longer, then you need to mark the line from original insole and cut it on the line. You can´t adjust size on heel or on vault (doesn´apply for WINTER H FLAT insoles). Then you try if insole SIDAS fits in your shoes perfectly. Insoles can´t be short because they would move inside of shoes, but also can´t bend in shoes because it would mean that they are too long. So you follow these instructions carefully and better cut in small pieces and try after every cut in your shoes. By choosing the correct size of insoles, or by their careful adjustment you ensure correct function, maximal comfort and comfort for your legs. 



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K Sidas 3 Feet Comfort Low Arch
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