24 in Le Mans with eyes of Hanka Duspivová

At the weekend July 2. – 3. in French Le Mans, on automobil racing track The Bugatti Circut, 4.185 km long, took place 24 hour relay of inline skating. At this event participated 429 teams in categories Solo (individuals), Duo (pairs), Endurance/Enduro  (3 – 6 members teams), Prestige/Sporty (7 – 10 members teams) and Discovery/ Decouverte  (11 - 12 members teams, Quads (teams on skates type quad, 7- 10 members).


The best result from czech teams achieved already mentioned London Galactics TEMPISH, and this was the second place in category Endurance Femme (women´s 4 – 6 members teams), in total order this team was on excellent 34th place (from already mentioned total number of 429 teams, also in comparision with f.e. 12 members teams, or only men´s teams). As category requiers,  London Galactics TEMPISH is women´s team. Girls and women exchanged relay during 24 hour race 154 times, rode 156 circles and did skate 652,8 km. Everyone of them had time for sleeping only 1,5 hour during 24 hours. 

For this team there were czech Hana Duspivová, Lenka Kopecká and Ursula Waszutova. It would be correct to explain why we are talking about czech team, when the team has as a name the capital town of Great Britain. Lenka Kopecká lives permanently in Great Britain, where she started team London Galactic. It is not easy to build strong girls´6 members team, not all racers want to try 24 hour relay and in so far away town as is Le Mans ( even it is unforgetable experience, which everyone should experience who loves inline skating at any endurance level). So it was established this mixed team of women and girls from Czech Republic and Great Britain, with the big support of company TEMPISH. TEMPISH inline team is home team for Hana Duspivová. Already mentioned three racers added Emilia Marence, Lydia Bunn and Floju Chinn living in Great Britain.  

Hana Duspivová summarized feelings from this relay as follows: „In Le Mans I am with this team second time. Last year we finished on 4th place and our goal or dream this year was to prepare the way so we finished until 3rd place. This year in our category was lower competition, so it was easier, but in comparing with last year the weather was worse. All the time there was strong wind, on Sunday even started to rain. And so we overcame our record, which means number of circles and kilometers we did skate, that is why we leaving Le Mans with the good feeling and joy. If we will participate next year, we would like to win in our category." 

Urszula Waszutova already has experience from 24 hour relay placed in Czech Republic, but in Le Mans she was for the first time. She liked atmosphere of race and organization. During the whole race she had very balanced performances, she had the fastest circle and for London Galactics TEMPISH was the strongest article. 

Team TEMPISH DUO 2016 with Michal Nepový and Karel Jirák fighted for the whole race with strong competition, after all this year was one of the historic strongest occupied. At the end boys reached great 5th place in category DUO (pairs) and 53th place in total order. Track in Le Mans they circuled totally 150 times and together they did skate almost 630 km. 

We congratulate to all racers not only for the achieved place, but also for overcoming tiredness and lack of sleep and for the successful finishing the race. 


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