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Inline Centrum, which wasn´t here!

We specialize in sale, consulting and service not only of inline skates.  In our team we have enthusiastic skaters, sellers and producers of inline skates and sport equipment. So we have close to skating from the side of users (skaters) also from the side of producers. This gives us the whole overlook and possibility to recommend the best equipment for beginner, professional or real freestyle riders. Thanks to this experience we see characteristics of finished product from the eye of skater and also into single construction elements, which give the product its characteristics, also price of finished product.

If you already have skates, we can recommend you the most suitable wheels and bearings or help you with choosing of insoles from the shape of your foot. You can then improve your speed, comfort  of ride on rough asphalt, whole maneuverabiity of skates and also position of ankles, knees and hips for better technique of skating and healthy sport. 

In our persistant sortiment you will find complete spare parts and accessories for skating. We will help you how to choose backpack for skates, clothes or suitable accessories for traing and falls, which to skating belong. So we have wide sortiment of helmets and protectors. Regularly you will find at us offer of Quad -trek skates, scooters, pennyboards, skateboards and longboards.  

Exchange of Christmas presents  Goods purchased from 20.11.2017 can be exchanged until January 7, 2018!

doprava zdarma inline výlety kamenná prodejna pujcovna







Service of 


Service of 






14 days






Doprava zdarma Free delivery 


When was the last time when somebody paid something for you? When ordering over 4000, - CZK the postage and packing charges do not apply. Delivery is provided by PPL.


in-line výlety Inline trips

We are not just store and e-shop. We love skating. We are planning and organizing inline trips during which we would like to skate with you on the most popular inline paths and interesting tracks in Czech republik and abroad. Join as and experience great spirit of skating.


If you want to try goods before you purchase them, to look it over or just to get advice, stop in our stores in Prague. We will be glad to assist you and we will help you with choosing of suitable equipment just for you. You can buy goods right in our store, or you can order via our e-shop in advance and then after trying and looking over it to decide if you will buy or not. 
In our stores we offer also service of inline skates, quad skates, skateboards and scooters and we provide free measuring of feet and diagnostics of vault, thanks to it we can recommend you suitable skates or sport insoles right for your shape of foot. Stores are located over the metro station Budějovická in shopping mall DBK on the 1st floor in Prague 4 and in Usedlost Ladronka in Prague 6, where is also Rental Ladronka.

půjčovna in-line bruslí Rental 

Do you want to borrow skates just for one afternoon or try some special model ? No problem. We offer wide range of types and sizes in our rental shop for 24 hours. We have inline skates and quad-trek skates in wide spectrum of sizes and models. We have something for recreational skaters, kids and fans of bigger wheels. It is also possible to borrow scooters, longboards, pennyboards, and of course protectors and helmets We are not only rental, but mainly specialized store with the whole service.
You can purchase choosen models of inline skates of brand K2, Roces, Rollerblade, Powerslide, Fila and Tempish. We also sell Quad skates, scooters, skateboards, longboards and pennyboards. We also have in stock spare parts and accessories. 
Surroundings of rental is place, where we regularly have inline events for public as testing of inline skates, skating with experienced trainers, consulting in part of service etc. 
Price list of Rental and further information in article Inline Rental Ladronka 
First time on Slevomat

servis bruslí Service of skates

It is not good? Is something wrong? Does it need to improve? Visit our store Inline Center, in shopping mall DBK in Prague 4 and in Usedlost Ladronka in Prague 6, we offer specialized service of inline skates, Quad skates and basic service of scooters, skateboards, longboards and pennyboards. We have years of experience in field of service so we are able to help even when it comes to unusual service repairs such as broken ankle rivet or string lacing system (K2 Boa, Powerslide ATOP etc.). We have of course wide choice of spare parts and accessories in stock. Apart from traditional service we offer also tunning thanks to it you can improve skates - f.e. with quality sport insoles Sidas or Svorto, lightenng wheels or to centre frame after your imagination.
Pricelist and offer of service works here 
Inline Centrum service - arcticle

servis koloběžek Service of scooters

 In our stores Inline Centrum in Prague  we provide basic service of folding and freestyle scooters. We specialize in brands Tempish, Micro, Worx and licenced scooters of brand Powerslide.  But we also repair scooters from other producers. Basic collection of spare parts is available in stock (wheels, bearings, pegs, grips for handlebars or axis of different lengths).
Pricelist and list of repairs

testovaání in-line bruslí Test center

The best way for the right choice of skate is proper testing. Test Centrum provides in our rental in Usedlost Ladronka in Prague 6. Here you can through skating season try actual models of american K2 or czech Tempish, from whom we have also Quad skates. Ocasionally we prepare testing events in cooperation with Powerslide, Tempish K2 , Roces or Fila, on which you can expect of classic skates to try interesting things as f.e. speed skates, nordic skates with nflatable wheels, three-wheel skates with speed lacing system and others. 

Videorecenze, recenze in-line bruslíVideo reviews 

We test, try, skate, shoot - we prepare videos and reviews for you in which we will focus on some interesting products we offer. We want to sell and recommend only those products which we try ourselves. Reviews, tests and videos will prove us and you that we sell products which are worth to buy.

Vrácení zboží do 14 dnů 14 days return

It doesn´t fit, live up to your expectation, innapropriate gift, etc.? No problem. Unused goods bought via e-shop (and sent to your address) could be returned within 14 days. Goods bought in our store we offer only exchange within 14 days from the date of purchase.
Further information you will find in terms and coditions.  

Kurzy in-line bruslení Skating lessons

Are you beginner or you are on inlines after long time? You want to know how to brake safely. You want to know how to prolong your slide and improve rebound. We cooperate with Inline Škola. You want to discover inline technique and consult it with freestyle slalom champion of Czech Republic? Then follow our website and facebook page. We organize events with experienced trainers and skaters for our customers. When, where, how? Follow our website, blog and news and you will find out in advance.

Few photos from our backstage:

kompletace dílců kolečkových bruslí během výrobykompletace zakladnich dilcu kolečkových bruslíkontrola kvality behem vyroby bruslikontrola pevnosti lepeni brulsíkontrola kvality svaru koloběžky během výrobygrafický návrh pro výrobu bruslítestování kvality koleček na kolečkové brusle

Our company uses support for working space

Evropský sociální fond v ČR

ESF - European social fond in Czech Republic 
OPLZZ - Operating program human resourses and imployment


Rental Ladronka

Inline Centrum Usedlost LadronkaExcept of our specialized shop in Prague 4 in OC DBK we provide also rental with shop on the most busy Prague´s cyclo path in Landronka.  

Except of rental and selling of skates we also provide consulting and service. You can buy in our rental inline skates, quad (trek) skates, scooters, skateboards, longboards or pennyboards including all accessories. Rental is also our main station for other events, whether it is  testing of skates of world´s brands for public, skating with profi trainers or presentation of our stand Inline Centrum with service and consulting. More detailed  information about our rental you will find below. 

Rental Ladronka

Ladronka is  a mekka of Prague´s inline skating. You can find our rental right in center of this popular and busy Prague´s inline path. Except of proven services, to which you are used to in our rental, we expended in our rental for you sortiment of top products of brands K2, Roces, Powerslide, Rollerblade, Fila, Tempish and others ..

Mapka Ladronky IC

Areal Ladronka is located in town part Prague 6 on 4,6 kilometers long plain above big Strahov´s stadion. It is though located even higher than Petřin and it corresponds also to unusual views on Prague. 

Path is part of maintained park, whole areal is suitable for children, for who it was built here playground. Path is suitable also for sport ride or training of our best skaters, but not in afternoon hours, when path is full of children on bicycle and on skates and adult skaters. Path is more empty in morning and evening hours. Path has lights, so you can use it also for night skating. 


Public transport

Exit station VYPICH

  • tram n. 22, 25
  • bus n. 174, 179, 180, 191

Exit statin ŠTEFKOVA

  • bus n. 191

Pohled ze zastávky, Štefkova, busu č. 191 směr Petřiny

By car (parking)

Ladronka is easily accessable by city transport and also by car. You can park for free on the whole length of Tomanova Street (concurrently with inline path) or on capacity very limited parking by television tower. 

Pricelist of rental In-line Centrum

Pricelist of rental






Inline skates, quad (trek) skates





min. 1.000,-

Complete protectors (knees, elbows, wrists)






























Ball - volleyball






Frisbee, disc golf






Petanque (6 balls)






We are renting on behalf of rental agreement against 2 id cards (ID + f.e..: DL) or after deposit in cash mentioned in pricelist.

First time on Slevomat

Open (also at holidays) from April 1st till September 30th 

Mo-Fr  12 - 8:00 p.m. 

Sa-Su  10 - 8:00 p.m.

In case of not pleasant weather  (wet, rain) rental closed.

In case that you are not sure, don´t hesitate to call mentioned numbers below. 

Za deště a mokra půjčovna uzavřena - prodejna otevřena.


Ladronka rental:

Tomanova 1/1028 
169 00  Praha 6

Tel. number to shop: +420 601 584 223

Accountable Manager:

Jan Chalupský

Tel.: +420 603 938 328

Exteriér Inline Centra Ladronka

Prodejna Inline Centrum

Interiér Inline Centra

Nové modely Micro a Sidas sportovní vložky

Nové koloběžky značky Bibanda

Doplňky ke kolečkovým bruslím

Kolečka a doplňky k inline bruslím









Service of roller skates

Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser 125mm

In shops of Inline Centrum, in Shopping Mall DBK in Prague 4 and in Usedlost Ladronka in Prague 6, we provide service of inline and quad (trek) skates, scooters, skateboards, longboards and pennyboards.

On your skates we check their status and recommend necessary or suitable repairs and change of parts (wheels, bearings, spacers, brakes etc.). Most of repairs we can do right in our shop. Spare wheels, bearings and brakes of most models we hold in stock.

Thanks to experiences from skating we can recommend suitable wheels, which will fit the best. There are different for comfortable ride, different for speed sport and different for freestyle or hockey. We specialize mainly on brands K2, Tempish, Rollerblade and Powerslide, at which we hold most of spare parts normally in stock.

The most often provided service:

  • Wheels swaps on inline skates - for saving of suitable shape and extended longevity of wheels.
  • Exchange of bearings in inline skates.
  • Exchange of spacers.
  • Exchange of brake logs or whole brakes.
  • Delivery of brakes on speed and freestyle skates.
  • Choice of suitable insoles according to your feet for higher comfort and maneuverability of skates.

Pricelist and list of service works you will find  here

Servis a tunning bruslí je pro nás vášní

Skating courses for free

Are you beginner, intermediate or experienced rider ?

Are you on inlines after long or really long time ?

Do you want to know how to brake perfectly ?

Do you want to get help in improving of your technique ?

Do you want to know how to improve take off and extend the slide ? 


Our team Inline Centrum prepared for you, in cooperation with experienced trainers from, courses of inline skating for free. Skating course takes place in form of traning of basic and advanced skills with trainer, who will show the basics of correct technique of inline skating and on your request will help you, fix your mistakes in technique and move you little further in your skating skills. 

Course takes 3hours and can be different according to methods of exact trainer. Course takes place in maximal cca 12 people and is totally free.  

Event is suitable for beginners, who want to learn the basics of inline skating, also for advanced skaters, who want to learn how to improve their technique or just to get help with their skills from experienced trainer´s eye. 


  1. Every skating with trainer has limited capacity so it is necessary to login up from here:
  2. After login you write email to this address and to subject/name of email write password: Skating with trainer
  3. Into text of email write: Your name, surname and date, when you want to attend course.
  4. Then we comfirm you your attendancy according the capacity. Whole course is totally free.


Event is intended primarelly for customers of our shops and our e-shop, we recommend then to have the receipt for goods you purchased from us with you! Trainer can check the recept if needed, so we recommend to bring this receipt with you to the course. 



  • April 17, 2016 Ladronka (Test of skates K2 2016) - Course beginns at 1:00 p.m., meeting in front of our stand Inline Centrum (in front of rental in Ladronka. Course will be accompanied by Filip Nejedlý and Kateřina Škopková (
  • May 7, 2016 Modřany - meeting of all with trainer at 1:00 p.m. in front of our rental/boat.
  • June 4, 2016 Modřany - course takes place as a part of our Testing of skates Tempish for public.
  • July 2, 2016 Modřany - capacity limited -  meeting at 10:00 a.m. in front of boat with restaurant Port 62, information you will get in our rental right on the boat. Course will take place from 10:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m.
  • August 6, 2016 Modřany - capacity full - meeting at 10:00 a.m. in front of rental/boat. Course will take place from 10:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. Course will be accompanied by Mirek Dolenský from
  • September 9,  2016 Modřany - capacity full - meeting at 10:00 a.m. in front of rental IC/boat with restaurant Port 62. Course will take place from 10:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m. Course will be accompanied by Mirek Dolenský from
  • October 1, 2016 Modřany - capacity full - meeting at 10:00 a.m. in front of rental IC/boat with restaurant Port 62. Course will take place from 10:00 a.m. till 1:00 p.m.  Course will be accompanied by Mirek Dolenský from


  • April 15,  2017 - meeting at 10:00 a.m. in front of our rental and shop in Ladronka. Report from event  here.
  • May 13,  2017 Ladronka - full capacity!
  • June 3,  2017 Ladronka - course has already passed
  • July 8,  2017 Ladronka - course has already passed
  • August 12,  2017 Ladronka (will be specified)
  • September 9, 2017 Ladronka (will be specified)

Basic information

Where: meeting at our rental with shop Inline Centrum in Ladronka.

Address: Rental Ladronka, Tomanova 1/1028, 169 00 Praha 6


For more information follow our web and fb sites: 

Inline Centrum blog 

Dětské brusle k2 - Kurzy

kurz bruslení s trenérem


kurzy bruslení zdarma

Kurzy bruslení

kurzy bruslení - je to dřina

kurzy bruslení Inline centrum

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